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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Jean sew onto her sampler in sewing class?
(a) To mother, with love.
(b) The summer is ended and we are not yet saved.
(c) Great is the glory of God.
(d) Lord be my guide.

2. What does Jean assume when she first senses hearing loss?
(a) She is in a state of rapture.
(b) She is getting old.
(c) God is smiting her.
(d) It's normal.

3. In the story at the end of the chapter titled Leviticus, what is the girl like?
(a) All of the above.
(b) Her favorite thing is to spin and sing in the orchard.
(c) Well acquainted with the laws of physics and the universe.
(d) So pretty she can heal the sick.

4. Where does Jean's mom get her a new mac?
(a) The butcher's lost and found.
(b) A seconds shop.
(c) Marks & Spencer.
(d) A booth in the market.

5. Why was Jean's mother suspicious of a package that came from Wigan?
(a) It was where her family lived.
(b) The agency for adoption was in Wigan.
(c) The only person she knew there was an old lover.
(d) She had been told Wigan was full of the devils minions.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does pastor Finch, the visiting pastor, make Jean feel?

2. What does Jean's mother do to get at the "heathens" who live next door?

3. What idea from the sermon she heard at the special conference had the biggest impact on Jean?

4. What condition does Jean's mother insist on to let Jean go to the fair once a year?

5. What story does the telling of Jean's own beginnings parallel?

Short Essay Questions

1. In an attempt to fit in at school, what does Jean change about her art projects? How does that go?

2. Describe Jean's mother.

3. Why does Jean's mother tell Jean the story of her and Pierre? What does she hope to accomplish?

4. What happens the first time Melanie goes to Jean's church?

5. In the beginning of the chapter, Leviticus, what do Jean and her mother hear coming from Next Door? What do they do about it?

6. What is the story of the sensitive princess?

7. What does the prince write about perfection?

8. What happens when Jean tries to tell her mother that she is going deaf?

9. Who is the prince in the story, and what does he believe he wants?

10. How does Jean make friends with Melanie?

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