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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Jean discover when she reads the book JANE EYRE?
(a) There was a world of feelings she was unaware of.
(b) She could relate closely to Jane Eyre.
(c) Her mother had changed the ending.
(d) It explained a lot about men.

2. How does Jean's mother refer to their neighbors?
(a) That poor family.
(b) The Johnsons.
(c) Next Door.
(d) John and Meg's family.

3. What was the hardest part for Jean of her temporary deafness?
(a) Her mother's smothering protective attitude.
(b) Thinking she disliked a state of rapture.
(c) Being cut off from everyone.
(d) Realizing the church was sometimes confused.

4. What does Jean's mother call the public school?
(a) The mill of brainwashing.
(b) The breeding ground.
(c) The corrupter of children.
(d) The devils work.

5. What is Elsie's hobby?
(a) Missionary work.
(b) Numerology.
(c) Guitar.
(d) Translating the bible.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why don't Melanie and Jean think what they are doing is the "unnatural passions" they hear about?

2. Why does Pastor Finch carry a First Aid kit in his van?

3. When Jean's mother gets a letter about Jean from the headmistress, what does she do?

4. In Jean's dream of getting married, who is her husband?

5. What function does Jean's mother's friend make wreaths for?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who is the prince in the story, and what does he believe he wants?

2. What must Winnet do to reach the beautiful city? What is it like when she reaches it?

3. Where does Melanie go, and with whom, after being accused at church? What happens?

4. Who does Jean eventually get a Saturday job from? What does she do?

5. While Jean is locked up in her mother's house after being accused of loving Melanie at church, who does Jean talk to and what do they say?

6. What is the nature of stories and history and how does she describe them?

7. According to the chapter Deuteronomy what are some ways that people change or deny the past?

8. Who is Elsie? Describe her.

9. When she is young and still trying to understand men and marriage, what is Jean's general opinion of men? Where does it come from?

10. Describe the dream Jean has again and again about marriage.

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