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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does she advise you to do if you want to keep your own teeth?
(a) Don't be curious.
(b) Make your own sandwiches.
(c) Stay out of other people's stories.
(d) Try not sinking them into history.

2. What does Jean say people do with the past when it gets too difficult?
(a) Define it as truth.
(b) Study it.
(c) Dispose of it.
(d) Write about it.

3. What does the pastor identify as the root cause of the problem with Jean?
(a) Jean was weak.
(b) Jean's father was not a strong enough character.
(c) The church had allowed women too much power in preaching.
(d) Jean was too wilful and not dedicated enough to following the law of the lord.

4. What does Jean say about the past?
(a) It is only malleable where once it was flexible.
(b) All of the above.
(c) The lens to see it can be tinted and tilted and smashed.
(d) Once it could change its mind, now it can only undergo change.

5. What is Jean's mother's response to the news about Jean's sexuality?
(a) She demands Jean leave immediately for missionary school.
(b) She confesses her own affair with another woman.
(c) She breaks every plate in the house and calls the pastor.
(d) She tells Jean they will always be family no matter what she does.

6. Why does Jean say her mother has always given her problems?
(a) She has her own agenda.
(b) She is enlightened and reactionary at the same time.
(c) She has faith above all else.
(d) She is hypocritical.

7. Which of the following best characterizes the way Jean sees the past?
(a) Undefinable.
(b) A parable.
(c) A tool.
(d) Unimportant.

8. Who is the boy Winnet makes friends with?
(a) A stranger from another land.
(b) A boy from the village.
(c) The sorcerer's other apprentice.
(d) Another sorcerer.

9. What was the Awful Occasion?
(a) The day Melanie left Jean.
(b) The time Jean's parents nearly separated.
(c) When Jean first realized she was involved in "unnatural passions".
(d) The time Jean's real mother came to claim her.

10. Who comes to visit Jean while she is locked in her room?
(a) The pastor.
(b) Elsie.
(c) An orange demon.
(d) Melanie.

11. What must explorers bring back?
(a) A memory and a story.
(b) Potatoes or tobacco or gold.
(c) A new way to see history.
(d) A new history to write.

12. When the pastor and Jean's mother try to set up another exorcism, what does Jean say?
(a) They are the ones with the problem.
(b) She is leaving the church.
(c) She doubts it will work.
(d) She does not have a demon.

13. What happens at Elsie's funeral?
(a) The church group sees her at dessert and storms out.
(b) The man who runs the funeral home needs her help serving.
(c) All the above.
(d) Jean tries to keep her presence unknown.

14. Where does Jean go after being accused at church?
(a) To the market where she met Melanie.
(b) To the top of the hill.
(c) Straight home.
(d) To Mrs. Jewsbury's.

15. What does Jean tell the church?
(a) Her love affair with Melanie never ended.
(b) Love is never a sin.
(c) She would always love women.
(d) She was weak and the demon repossessed her.

Short Answer Questions

1. How intent is Jean on becoming a missionary?

2. According to Jean, what do people often use history for?

3. What does Jean's mother say of Jean's sexuality?

4. How is this fifth chapter of ORANGES ARE NOT THE ONLY FRUIT best characterized?

5. Where does Winnet meet the sorcerer?

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