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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the meeting of the Sisterhood like when Jean shows up after her second affair?
(a) Unchanged from usual.
(b) Supportive and loving.
(c) Solid guidance.
(d) Tense and awkward.

2. What does Jean say about the curious?
(a) They are blind.
(b) They look outward to not look in.
(c) They are the engine of the world.
(d) They are always in some danger.

3. What does Jean tell the church?
(a) Her love affair with Melanie never ended.
(b) She was weak and the demon repossessed her.
(c) She would always love women.
(d) Love is never a sin.

4. According to the chapter, Deuteronomy, what is time?
(a) The bringer of justice.
(b) An unfair tyrant.
(c) A thief.
(d) A great deadener.

5. After her visitor, what does Jean announce she is ready to do?
(a) Get married.
(b) Move out.
(c) Never see Melanie again.
(d) Repent.

6. What does Jean say about the past?
(a) Once it could change its mind, now it can only undergo change.
(b) The lens to see it can be tinted and tilted and smashed.
(c) All of the above.
(d) It is only malleable where once it was flexible.

7. What does Jean say people do with the past when it gets too difficult?
(a) Define it as truth.
(b) Study it.
(c) Write about it.
(d) Dispose of it.

8. What is the competition the sorcerer and Winnet use to determine her future?
(a) Hangman.
(b) The trust of a child.
(c) Poetry recital.
(d) Skipping stones.

9. What do people do when they tell stories?
(a) Spread the truth.
(b) Bring perspective.
(c) Convince themselves.
(d) Make them what they will.

10. What happens at Elsie's funeral?
(a) The church group sees her at dessert and storms out.
(b) All the above.
(c) The man who runs the funeral home needs her help serving.
(d) Jean tries to keep her presence unknown.

11. Who tries to help Jean after she is accused by the pastor?
(a) Melanie.
(b) Mrs. Jewsbury.
(c) Jean's father.
(d) Jean's mother.

12. What does Jean call treating the past with objective respect?
(a) A sham.
(b) Absolutely necessary.
(c) The only path to self awareness.
(d) An idiot's pursuit.

13. How does Jean characterize uncertainty to her?
(a) Like being blindfolded.
(b) Like an aardvark - recognizable but unfamiliar.
(c) Like not having God.
(d) Like being in a valley - having to choose a direction with no view.

14. Which of the following best characterizes the way Jean sees the past?
(a) Unimportant.
(b) A tool.
(c) Undefinable.
(d) A parable.

15. What must explorers bring back?
(a) A new way to see history.
(b) A new history to write.
(c) Potatoes or tobacco or gold.
(d) A memory and a story.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who talks to Jean and supports her when everyone else was accusing her?

2. How are Jean and Katy discovered?

3. Where does Jean go after being accused at church?

4. Which of the following best characterizes a belief held by Jean's mother?

5. Who comes to visit Jean while she is locked in her room?

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