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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Jean say her mother has always given her problems?
(a) She is enlightened and reactionary at the same time.
(b) She has faith above all else.
(c) She is hypocritical.
(d) She has her own agenda.

2. When the pastor and Jean's mother try to set up another exorcism, what does Jean say?
(a) She does not have a demon.
(b) They are the ones with the problem.
(c) She is leaving the church.
(d) She doubts it will work.

3. Which of the following best characterizes a belief held by Jean's mother?
(a) Everyone made themself and people what they wanted.
(b) Everyone had a choice to be saved or fall to the devil.
(c) All of the above.
(d) Jean's sexuality was a wilfull act to sell her soul.

4. How does Jean characterize uncertainty to her?
(a) Like not having God.
(b) Like an aardvark - recognizable but unfamiliar.
(c) Like being in a valley - having to choose a direction with no view.
(d) Like being blindfolded.

5. What does Jean envision her mother wishing for as she waits in her room?
(a) A tearful reunion of the two of them.
(b) To not have children.
(c) Her and her room to go up in flames while the house remained untouched.
(d) To be transported by God away from the world.

6. What do Jean and Mrs. Jewsbury do after Jean is accused at church?
(a) All of the above.
(b) Make love.
(c) Talk.
(d) Drink brandy.

7. What does the pastor identify as the root cause of the problem with Jean?
(a) Jean's father was not a strong enough character.
(b) Jean was weak.
(c) The church had allowed women too much power in preaching.
(d) Jean was too wilful and not dedicated enough to following the law of the lord.

8. How much does Jean tell her mother about Melanie?
(a) She only tells things that are absolutely necessary.
(b) She hides the friendship entirely.
(c) She naively tells her absolutely everything.
(d) As much as she could, but not everything.

9. What does Jean call treating the past with objective respect?
(a) A sham.
(b) The only path to self awareness.
(c) An idiot's pursuit.
(d) Absolutely necessary.

10. What is Jean's mother's response to the news about Jean's sexuality?
(a) She confesses her own affair with another woman.
(b) She demands Jean leave immediately for missionary school.
(c) She breaks every plate in the house and calls the pastor.
(d) She tells Jean they will always be family no matter what she does.

11. How is this fifth chapter of ORANGES ARE NOT THE ONLY FRUIT best characterized?
(a) Symbolic and metaphorical.
(b) Spiritual and Godly.
(c) Simple and straightforward.
(d) Cautionary and paranoid.

12. Where does Jean dream she is when she falls asleep?
(a) With everyone who can't make the ultimate decision.
(b) All of the above.
(c) In the city of Lost Chances.
(d) In a bookshop.

13. What are Jean and Melanie accused of during the sermon?
(a) All of the above.
(b) Not loving God.
(c) Loving each other with a love reserved for man and wife.
(d) Falling under Satan's spell.

14. What does Jean say was a big problem looking at history after the second world war?
(a) Too many ingrediants.
(b) Not a large enough bowl.
(c) The need to generate new stories.
(d) Constipation.

15. What is it like for Jean when Melanie visits and kisses her goodbye?
(a) She is overwhelmed with longing.
(b) She feels close to God.
(c) She feels nothing.
(d) She is repulsed by the thought.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Jean characterize a story heard from various perspectives?

2. What allows Jean to spend many nights with Melanie?

3. What does Jean's visitor tell her while she is locked in?

4. Which of the following is a belief held by Jean's mother?

5. What happens at Elsie's funeral?

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