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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens when the pastor talks about how full of spirit Jean is while he is preaching?
(a) Everyone notices Jeans lack of response and realize she's deaf.
(b) Her deafness and lack of a response convinces everyone of her modesty.
(c) Jean decides to stop feeding things to lions when she plays.
(d) Jean decides she is fit to become a missionary.

2. Why does Pastor Finch carry a First Aid kit in his van?
(a) He felt responsible for the young choir members.
(b) Tubas are dangerous.
(c) His revivals are so animated he usually needs it.
(d) In case the demon combusted somebody.

3. Where does Jean's mom get her a new mac?
(a) A booth in the market.
(b) Marks & Spencer.
(c) A seconds shop.
(d) The butcher's lost and found.

4. What reasons are given when adults discuss why Jean doesn't answer anyone?
(a) All of the above.
(b) Jean is in a state of rapture.
(c) Jean is seven, which is a holy number, and strange things happen in sevens.
(d) The Lord works in mysterious ways.

5. What does Jean find one day when she is looking for a pack of cards?
(a) Pictures of a strange man in her mother's desk.
(b) Love letters between her parents.
(c) Her adoption papers.
(d) The real ending to Jane Eyre.

6. What job does Jean end up getting from the wreath-making friend?
(a) Making wire forms for wreaths.
(b) Making wedding bouquets.
(c) Growing carnations.
(d) Getting the dead ready for burial at an undertaker's.

7. What cures the sensitive princess in the story?
(a) Real responsibilities and service.
(b) Her family's love.
(c) God's love.
(d) A magic spell.

8. What what Jean's mother's response when Jean told her about the marriage dream she had?
(a) She offered to take Jean to a dream analyst.
(b) She reassured her that her own marriage would be nothing like that.
(c) She said she had had similiar dreams when she was young.
(d) She said it was because Jean ate sardines the night before.

9. What is on the tablecloth Jean's family uses on Sundays?
(a) Purple and yellow flowers.
(b) Deeds of the Old Testament.
(c) Pictures of all the saints.
(d) Quotes from Jesus.

10. What does Jean worry about before her operation?
(a) Dying from the anesthetia.
(b) If the nurse will throw away her orange peel.
(c) All of the above.
(d) Not getting her hearing back.

11. What was in the package that came from Wigan?
(a) Tickets to a cruise.
(b) A letter from Pierre.
(c) None of the above.
(d) Jean's biological parents' information.

12. What does Jean's mother do to get at the "heathens" who live next door?
(a) Preaches to them over the garden fence.
(b) Knocks on their door every Sunday to tell them about the Lord.
(c) Leaves pamphlets in their mailbox.
(d) Plays the piano and sings hymns really loudly.

13. What story does the telling of Jean's own beginnings parallel?
(a) The creation story.
(b) The birth of Jesus.
(c) Her mother's childhood.
(d) Cinderella.

14. What is Jean unsure how to do?
(a) Get into a marriage.
(b) Tell men from beasts.
(c) Make babies.
(d) Choose a husband.

15. How does Jean's attempt to tell her mother about her deafness go?
(a) She writes "the world is very quiet" on a paper. Her mother nods and keeps reading a book.
(b) She tries to wait until her mother is undistracted but can't find a time.
(c) She tells her mom but can't hear her mother's answer.
(d) Her mother tells her it is a symptom of the rapture.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Jean ask for when her mother takes her to town to buy mince?

2. What does Jean's mother tell Jean about her experience with Pierre?

3. What idea from the sermon she heard at the special conference had the biggest impact on Jean?

4. Why does Jean like Elsie?

5. What does Mrs. Arkwright tell Jean when she sees her in the market?

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