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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How was the special conference for the Society a turning point for Jean?
(a) It was when she was confirmed into the Society.
(b) It was when she saw her mother through someone else's eyes.
(c) It was when she first saw Pastor Spratt.
(d) It was when she began to develop her first theological disagreement.

2. Who is the faithful companion to the prince?
(a) The Lord.
(b) An old goose.
(c) An old crone.
(d) A childhood friend.

3. What is the moral of the story of the prince and the woman?
(a) Perfection should always be strived for.
(b) Perfection is not flawlessness, but balance.
(c) The desire for perfection makes you evil.
(d) Perfection is unobtainable.

4. What does Jean discover when she reads the book JANE EYRE?
(a) She could relate closely to Jane Eyre.
(b) Her mother had changed the ending.
(c) There was a world of feelings she was unaware of.
(d) It explained a lot about men.

5. What does Jean have to remind her not to cut corners?
(a) A ticket to a play she couldn't attend as punishment for sloppy work.
(b) Whalebone from a corset bought at a cheap clothing store.
(c) None of the above.
(d) A coin from a fallen government.

6. What idea from the sermon she heard at the special conference had the biggest impact on Jean?
(a) That perfection is unobtainable.
(b) That perfection is flawlessness.
(c) None of the above.
(d) That God is perfection.

7. When a sleeve of Jean's mac gets torn off at the market, what does her mother do?
(a) Tapes it back on.
(b) Says she doesn't need a mac.
(c) Takes her to buy another one.
(d) Rips the other sleeve off and calls it a vest.

8. What does Jean find one day when she is looking for a pack of cards?
(a) The real ending to Jane Eyre.
(b) Pictures of a strange man in her mother's desk.
(c) Love letters between her parents.
(d) Her adoption papers.

9. What is Melanie doing when Jean first sees her?
(a) Waitressing.
(b) Shopping with her family.
(c) Shoplifting.
(d) Cleaning fish.

10. How does Jean get along with the other kids at school?
(a) Her wit and fearlessness make her an instant hit with the other kids.
(b) The teachers like her but the kids don't.
(c) She makes friends with another misfit, but no one else.
(d) She is an outcast and doesn't make any friends.

11. What is Jean's response when her mother informs her that if Jean doesn't go to school she'll go to jail?
(a) School and jail are similar, so why does matter who goes?
(b) She would never ask that of her mother.
(c) St. Paul was always going to prison and he always got out.
(d) None of the above.

12. How does Jean get a job washing glasses at Tricketts?
(a) She applies behind her mother's back.
(b) The owner heard her preach.
(c) She offers to help out when they are too busy.
(d) Her mother agrees she'll do it with the waitress.

13. What job does Jean end up getting from the wreath-making friend?
(a) Making wire forms for wreaths.
(b) Getting the dead ready for burial at an undertaker's.
(c) Making wedding bouquets.
(d) Growing carnations.

14. What does Jean's mother do to get at the "heathens" who live next door?
(a) Preaches to them over the garden fence.
(b) Leaves pamphlets in their mailbox.
(c) Knocks on their door every Sunday to tell them about the Lord.
(d) Plays the piano and sings hymns really loudly.

15. What reason does Jean have for visiting Melanie every Monday?
(a) Bringing new tracts for distribution.
(b) Their mothers go downtown together.
(c) For Bible study as her counselor.
(d) Delivering food from Tricketts.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was in the package that came from Wigan?

2. Who finally discovers that Jean is deaf?

3. What what Jean's mother's response when Jean told her about the marriage dream she had?

4. What does Melanie do at the end of her fist service at Jean's church?

5. When Jean's mother gets a letter about Jean from the headmistress, what does she do?

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