Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Describe Jean's mother.

Jean's mother is a very devout Christian. She dominates her family with her religious agenda and teaches Jean at home. She sees the world in black and white and categorizes everything as either friends or enemies. She is very active in church and devout follower of the missionary pastor Spratt.

2. Describe a typical Sunday in Jean's home.

Sundays are a rigorous day of religious activity. Her mother starts by praying in the morning, and no one can interrupt her or enter the room until she is done. Jean makes tea, and her mother quizzes her with questions from the Bible. Afterwards, they listen to the World Service radio broadcast, taking notes to relay the information in church later. The news on the radio dictates whether Jean's mother will cook lunch or not.

3. What is the story of the sensitive princess?

The story is about a princess so sensitive that she was overwhelmed with sorrow even at the death of a moth. Her family tries, but can't cure her. One day she runs into an old hermit who wants to die but can't leave his responsibilities, and asks if the princess will take them over. The princess agrees and forgets all her worries at the castle.

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