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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Leviticus.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In the story at the end of the chapter titled Leviticus, what is the girl like?
(a) So pretty she can heal the sick.
(b) Well acquainted with the laws of physics and the universe.
(c) Her favorite thing is to spin and sing in the orchard.
(d) All of the above.

2. What does Jean's mother always say about oranges?
(a) They are the only fruit.
(b) They are sent from God.
(c) They are not the only fruit.
(d) They keep you from getting sick.

3. What does Jean worry about before her operation?
(a) Not getting her hearing back.
(b) If the nurse will throw away her orange peel.
(c) Dying from the anesthetia.
(d) All of the above.

4. What does Jean help do one year when they go to Morecambe?
(a) Calculate the number of heathen in England.
(b) Mail pamphlets to the unholy.
(c) Play the tambourine for Pastor Spratt.
(d) Make wreaths for a boarding school where there had been an epidemic.

5. What does Jean sew onto her sampler in sewing class?
(a) Great is the glory of God.
(b) To mother, with love.
(c) The summer is ended and we are not yet saved.
(d) Lord be my guide.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Jean's response when her mother informs her that if Jean doesn't go to school she'll go to jail?

2. What gift does Elsie give Jean?

3. What does the prince announce about the woman after their talk?

4. What does the girl tell the adviser who tries to take her to the prince?

5. How does Jean get along with the other kids at school?

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