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Lesson 1 (from Genesis)


ORANGES ARE NOT THE ONLY FRUIT is the debut novel by Jeannette Winterson. This lesson will introduce the novel and prepare students for fuller understanding of it's context.


1.Information on the author: Give history on the author, Jeannette Winterson. Jeannette was born in England in 1959 and raised by a family of Pentecostal evangelists. Instead of following their plan and becoming a missionary, she left home and worked odd jobs before studying English at Oxford. Ask the class what obvious conclusion can be drawn; that the book is autobiographical.

2.Location, or setting activity: Ask the class what hints they have seen throughout the first chapter as to the location and setting of the story. Remind them that setting is not just physical location, but details of the area around them. Have students look for clues in the first chapter and report them to you. If they...

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