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• Jean describes her mother who is very religious.

• Her mother likes confrontation and "wrestling". She sees the world in black and white and divides everything into friends and enemies.

• The mother didn't want to physically bear children so she adopted Jean.

• Sundays were devoted to religious activities and were "vigorous".

• Jean's father is finally mentioned only as her mother's husband. It is clear the mother, and her agenda, rule the household.
• Jean's mother looks down on the poor neighbors and cheap clothing stores.

• Jean is allowed to go to the fair once a year if she brings back black peas. One year there a palm reader tells her she will never marry.

• Jean is invited to to the seashore by two unmarried women who run a shop together. Her mother never lets her return to the shop and says the women deal in "unnatural passions".

• On Sundays...

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