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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Judge's outlook on life?
(a) He is a pessimist.
(b) He is glum.
(c) He is an optimist.
(d) He is neither optomistic nor pessimistic,but in between.

2. How does Fay react to the doctor's recommendation?
(a) Fay is annoyed by the entire ordeal, believing if they ignore it it will get better on its own.
(b) Fay goes home and leaves Laurel to deal with the situation.
(c) Fay is bored by the whole situation.
(d) Fay is concerned and insists on staying at Judge's side through the whole ordeal.

3. What does Laurel hear when she approaches the Judge's room the night he dies?
(a) Fay telling Judge about her plans to return to Mississippi.
(b) Fay confessing to an affair.
(c) Fay yelling at Judge.
(d) Fay conspiring with the nurse to kill Judge.

4. What does Missouri tell Laurel about Fay's morning habits?
(a) Fay is already up and gone.
(b) Fay likes breakfast in bed.
(c) Fay likes to sleep till noon.
(d) Fay does not eat breakfast.

5. How did Judge meet Fay?
(a) They met at a bar.
(b) They met through friends.
(c) They met at a Southern Bar Association conference.
(d) They met through a dating service.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who attempts to befriend Fay at the Hibiscus Hotel?

2. Who does Laurel find in the kitchen when she wakes?

3. Who makes arrangements for Laurel and Fay's living space and Judge's care?

4. Why does Judge decide to see this particular doctor?

5. Where did Fay and Judge get married?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Fay react when she returns home from the funeral home and finds people sitting with Laurel?

2. Where does Laurel expect her father to be buried?

3. What does Laurel decide to do?

4. What story of her mother's does Laurel recall in Part 3, Chapter 4?

5. What is Laurel searching for in her father's library?

6. Why does Miss Adele remain after everyone has left to put away the dishes?

7. What does Laurel find that causes her to finally become angry with Fay?

8. In Chapter 2, what does Fay complain about while waiting for Judge to come out of surgery?

9. Why does Laurel believe her father married Fay?

10. What does the red paint on her father's desk represent to Laurel?

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