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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who arrives while Missouri is taking Fay her breakfast?
(a) Miss Adele.
(b) Major Bullock.
(c) The bridesmaids.
(d) Mr. Pitts.

2. How does Fay react when Dr. Courtland says Judge has died?
(a) Fay accuses Dr.Courtland of killing her husband.
(b) Fay thanks Dr. Courtland for all his hard work.
(c) Fay accuses Dr. Courtland of allowing Judge to die on her birthday.
(d) Fay tells Dr. Courtland she does not believe him.

3. Who's wedding were the bridesmaids a part of?
(a) Laurel's.
(b) Judge's first wedding.
(c) Fay's.
(d) Major Bullock's.

4. Who are the bridesmaids?
(a) Friends of Laurel's.
(b) Friends of Miss Adele.
(c) Friends of Fay's.
(d) Friends of Judge's.

5. How did Judge meet Fay?
(a) They met through friends.
(b) They met through a dating service.
(c) They met at a bar.
(d) They met at a Southern Bar Association conference.

6. Why does Laurel decide to return to the hospital the night Judge dies?
(a) Laurel feels as though her father needs her.
(b) Laurel wanted to ask Judge a question.
(c) Laurel forgot her book.
(d) Laurel wanted to give instructions to the night nurse.

7. What does Laurel listen for but never hear?
(a) The town clock.
(b) The mantel clock.
(c) The phone.
(d) The weather alert.

8. What does the nurse tell Laurel about Fay when she arrives?
(a) The nurse says Fay was giving Judge an injection.
(b) The nurse says Fay was smoothering Judge.
(c) The nurse says Fay was shaking Judge.
(d) The nurse says Fay was cursing at Judge.

9. What is Laurel's mood as they wait for the surgery to end?
(a) Angry.
(b) Annoyed.
(c) Anxious.
(d) Worried, but upbeat.

10. How does Fay react to Dr. Courtland's orders regarding Judge's after surgery care?
(a) Fay is annoyed by the amount of care Judge will need.
(b) Fay is worried about the medical bills.
(c) Fay is angry with Laurel for taking over the arrangements.
(d) Fay is happy to take care of her husband.

11. Why is Laurel upset that Fay wants the coffin to be open?
(a) Laurel does not believe their friends would want to see Judge in the coffin.
(b) Laurel does not want to see her father.
(c) Laurel does not like the way her father looks.
(d) Laurel does not believe her father would have wanted an open coffin.

12. What kind of doctor does Judge McKelva go to see?
(a) Heart Doctor.
(b) Family Doctor.
(c) Cancer Doctor.
(d) Eye Doctor.

13. What does Fay say when Laurel tells her to get up?
(a) Fay says she does not want to go to the funeral.
(b) Fay says she is the widow and everyone will wait for her.
(c) Fay says she is ill.
(d) Fay says she is too depressed to get up.

14. What is unusual about Judge's behavior during his recovery?
(a) He refuses to eat.
(b) He watches television constantly.
(c) He talks incessantly.
(d) He never asks about his eye.

15. Why does Laurel go to check on Fay after Missouri?
(a) Fay refuses to get up.
(b) Fay is gone.
(c) Fay is sick.
(d) Fay is not breathing.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Laurel put Miss Adele's gift?

2. What does Dr. Courtland say about Judge's eye three weeks after the surgery?

3. Who does Judge ask for when he wakes after surgery?

4. Who is Miss Adele's brother?

5. What does Miss Adele bring?

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