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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Laurel decide to return to the hospital the night Judge dies?
(a) Laurel feels as though her father needs her.
(b) Laurel wanted to give instructions to the night nurse.
(c) Laurel wanted to ask Judge a question.
(d) Laurel forgot her book.

2. Why is Laurel upset that Fay wants the coffin to be open?
(a) Laurel does not want to see her father.
(b) Laurel does not believe their friends would want to see Judge in the coffin.
(c) Laurel does not believe her father would have wanted an open coffin.
(d) Laurel does not like the way her father looks.

3. Why can Judge not be moved?
(a) Movement could cause death.
(b) Movement could cause a stroke.
(c) Movement could dislodge the repaired retina.
(d) Movement could make him blind.

4. What does Laurel overhear Fay saying to Judge?
(a) Fay complains about the conditions at the Hibiscus.
(b) Fay complains that Judge is taking too long to heal.
(c) Fay expresses her concern for Judge's health.
(d) Fay is complaining about being stuck in the hospital and not being able to go to carnival.

5. Why does Laurel fly to New Orleans?
(a) To go with Judge to the eye doctor.
(b) To attend a family reunion.
(c) To attend a business conference.
(d) To go to a funeral.

6. In Part 1, Chapter 3, what does Dr. Courtland say about Judge's eye?
(a) It is not healing properly.
(b) It is healing, but he will not regain his sight in that eye.
(c) It is healing, he just needs to be patient.
(d) It is infected.

7. What is Fay's mood as they wait for Judge to return from surgery?
(a) She is worried about the cost of the hospital bill.
(b) Annoyed that she is in New Orleans but stuck in a hospital room.
(c) She is happy Judge is getting the treatment he needs.
(d) She is worried about Judge.

8. What does Laurel believe the lining of the coffin does to her father?
(a) Makes Judge look feminine.
(b) Makes Judge look healthy.
(c) Makes Judge look like a seashell.
(d) Makes Judge look sickly.

9. What character traits best describe Judge?
(a) Mean, angry, dark.
(b) Gentle, kind, patient.
(c) Aloof and unconcerned.
(d) Slow and eager.

10. Why does Laurel believe her father would not have wanted an open coffin?
(a) An open coffin goes against his religious beliefs.
(b) He did not like the way he looked.
(c) He did not want his friends to remember him in a coffin.
(d) He did not allow one at his wife's funeral.

11. Why does Judge refuse to ask Laurel about her work?
(a) Judge is angry with Laurel for coming to New Orleans.
(b) Judge feels bad for forcing Laurel into idleness.
(c) Judge does not care about Laurel's work.
(d) Judge would rather talk about himself.

12. Who meets the train when Fay and Laurel arrive back in Mississippi?
(a) The bridesmaids, Major Bullock, and Miss Adele.
(b) The police chief.
(c) The whole town.
(d) The mayor.

13. How does Fay react when Dr. Courtland says Judge has died?
(a) Fay thanks Dr. Courtland for all his hard work.
(b) Fay accuses Dr.Courtland of killing her husband.
(c) Fay accuses Dr. Courtland of allowing Judge to die on her birthday.
(d) Fay tells Dr. Courtland she does not believe him.

14. How does Fay react to seeing Judge after surgery?
(a) She is worried about his pain levels.
(b) She is happy he is safe.
(c) She is saddened by his bandages.
(d) She is outraged that no one warned her about the bandages.

15. Who called Laurel?
(a) Major Bullock.
(b) Judge.
(c) Miss Adele.
(d) Fay.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Part 1, Chapter 3, what traits does Judge display that Laurel finds unusual to him?

2. Why does Judge need to see the doctor?

3. How long after Judge met Fay did they get married?

4. What does Fay accuse Laurel of doing to Judge?

5. What day is it when Judge dies.

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