The Optimist's Daughter Character Descriptions

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Mrs. Bolt - This elderly woman is the minister's wife and a gossip whose favorite subject is Fay.

Major Rupert Bullock - This man, a rare supporter of Fay, tells grand stories about Judge at his wake and funeral.

Tennyson Bullock - This woman, known for her subtle sarcasm, enjoys gossiping or playing cards with the ladies.

Tish Bullock - This woman was one of Laurel's bridesmaids, is still her close friend, and now lives in Chicago.

Bubba Chisom - This inappropriately dressed man complains all through the wake about the long drive he was forced to make to attend.

Grandpa Chisom - This man shows consideration and respect to Laurel with his words and actions as well as by bringing her a box of shelled pecans.

Mrs. Chisom - This woman is insensitive and crude, interested only in her own daughter and the money she...

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