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Part 1, Chapter 1

• Judge McKelva, his wife Fay, and daughter Laurel have flown to New Orleans for an appointment with eye doctor, Dr. Courtland.

• Dr. Courtland is a family friend of the McKelva's, but has not met Fay until today.

• Judge describes the problem he has been having with his eyes.

• Laurel is deeply concerned for her father because he never worries about his own health.

• Dr. Courtland tells Judge that his retina has slipped and should be repaired.

• Fay suggests that Judge not have his retina repaired, but instead adopts a wait and see plan of action.

• Judge chooses to have the retina repaired and goes to the hospital immediately via ambulance.

Part 1, Chapter 2

• Fay complains while she and Laurel wait for Judge to come out of surgery.

• Judge's surgery has gone well, but his appearance is disturbing to Fay when he returns to his room.

• Dr. Courtland...

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