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Ally Carter
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Zach tell Cammie about Solomon?
(a) He doesn't know anything about what the Circle wants.
(b) The Circle is not pleased with him.
(c) The Circle plans to execute him.
(d) The Circle needs Solomn to find out where Morgan went.

2. Where does the employee who Cammie is following go?
(a) Off the park to a storage shed.
(b) No where in particular.
(c) To start working on a ride.
(d) To the food mart.

3. What does Zach ask Cammie to do?
(a) Give him Morgan's journal.
(b) Give him Solomon's journal.
(c) Go for a walk with him.
(d) Get him into the Gallagher school.

4. Where was Morgan supposed to meet a contact on his and Solomon's mission?
(a) Greece.
(b) England.
(c) Washington.
(d) France.

5. What does Cammie comment about the security measures in the sub-levels?
(a) They do not exist.
(b) They are rigged to go off if the level is infiltrated.
(c) She is not sure which ones are lethal.
(d) She has the keys for disarming them.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Mr. Smith wandering the school?

2. What does Zach tell the girls about Blackthorne?

3. Why is Liz left at the perimeter of Blackthorne?

4. With what is the room where Solomon is being questioned lined?

5. What does the message on a bird say?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Cammie get away from Zach's mother?

2. What does Cammie find that is directed at her personally when she investigates what Joe said to her?

3. What is the late-night plan executed by Cammie and her three fellow operatives?

4. Where do Zach and Cammie go after they retrieve the journal and what do they see there?

5. What does Zach tell Cammie when he comes to her at night?

6. How does Cammie figure out what Solomon said after talking to Mr. Smith?

7. What do the girls realize when they look at the journal?

8. How do the girls disable the security system on the basement level?

9. What happens when the girls return upstairs?

10. How does Cammie get to a secret meeting as the result of the message to her?

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