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Ally Carter
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who greets Cammie and Rebecca at the school?
(a) Aunt Abby.
(b) Rachel.
(c) Professor Buckingham.
(d) Professor Parker.

2. What is the class doing when Cammie enters Townsend's class?
(a) Talking loudly in groups of three.
(b) Taking notes while he speaks.
(c) Sitting quietly.
(d) Watching a movie.

3. What does Cammie say about the best operatives?
(a) They are always loyal.
(b) They can always be blackmailed.
(c) They make the best liars.
(d) They will always find a way home.

4. What do Rebecca's parents call to Cammie in Chapter 1?
(a) To come choose her ice cream flavor.
(b) To put on her swimsuit.
(c) To quit talking to Zach.
(d) To come join them.

5. To where does the tunnel go in Chapter 4?
(a) To the Baxter's house.
(b) To Charing Cross Roadds.
(c) A secret headquarters.
(d) The Gallagher School.

6. What do Rebecca's parents say to her demand?
(a) They say absolutely not.
(b) They say maybe.
(c) They do not respond.
(d) They say okay.

7. What class does Townsend teach?
(a) Making weapons out of household items.
(b) Self defense.
(c) Covert Operations.
(d) Electronic surveillance.

8. What does she tell Cammie about Cammie's difficulties in London?
(a) She did not know what was happening.
(b) She trusted the Baxters more than herself.
(c) She was there but hiding.
(d) She wanted to be there with her.

9. What does Joe do to get away from the operatives surrounding him?
(a) Is picked up by a helicopter.
(b) Jumps on a city bus.
(c) Goes into the subway.
(d) Jumps into the river.

10. What does Cammie demand of the British operative?
(a) If he knows Joe Solomon.
(b) What his security clearance is.
(c) If he has spoken with her mother.
(d) If he has identificaiton.

11. Where does Mr. Baxter go when he veers off the main road?
(a) Into a barn.
(b) Down a dirt road.
(c) Down a cow path.
(d) Into the country terrain.

12. At what place is it said Solomon was recruited by the Circle?
(a) Blackthorne.
(b) At his grandparents' mansion.
(c) M16 Academy.
(d) At Cambridge.

13. What is Cammie doing at the beginning of the book?
(a) Playing volleyball.
(b) Ice skating.
(c) Eating at a restaurant.
(d) Sitting in class.

14. How does Rebecca's father receive a warning in Chapter 2?
(a) A flash of light on a gun.
(b) His two way radio.
(c) The communicator in his ear.
(d) His cell phone.

15. What kind of encounter does Cammie have with Zach in the first chapter?
(a) No encounter.
(b) A surprise encounter.
(c) A humorous encounter.
(d) An angry encounter.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Cammie vow to find?

2. What surprises Cammie about the school?

3. How do Cammie and Rebecca feel about Joe?

4. How does Cammie hear the conversation of the adults in the kitchen?

5. What does Cammie's aunt tell her about Joe?

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