Objects & Places from Only the Good Spy Young

Ally Carter
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London, England

The first chapter of the novel takes place here.

MI6, the CIA

These two organizations are the primary intelligence (i.e. spy) networks in England and the United States, respectively.

The Circle of Cavan

This is a secretive counter-intelligence agency interested, as the novel outlines, in accumulating power, money and influence.

The Gallagher Academy for Exceptional Young Women

This is the exclusive and secretive girls school that Cammie and her friends attend.

Roseville, Virginia

This is the small, quaint town near the Gallagher Academy.

The Pigeon Tower

A mysterious direction given to Cammie by rogue agent Joe Solomon leads her to investigate this.

The Sub-Levels (Sub-Level 2)

These are deep beneath the earth's surface, underneath the Gallagher Academy.

The First Journal

This diary/journal was written by Cammie's father, Operative Morgan.

The Second Journal

This journal was kept by Operative (Joe) Solomon from the time he was...

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