Only the Good Spy Young Character Descriptions

Ally Carter
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Cammie (Cameron) Morgan

She is the book's central character, its narrator, and protagonist.

Zachary Goode

He is a cute boy spy who Cammie is attracted to and finds powerfully intriguing.

Joe Solomon

He is Cammie's former teacher at the Gallagher Academy, and a well-known, respected spy in his own right.

Rebecca Baxter

She is Cammie`s best friend and a fellow student at the Gallagher Academy.

Liz Sutton, Macey McHenry

They are Cammie's two other best friends at the Gallagher Academy along with Rebecca.

Cammie's Parents

They were/are both powerful and respected spies within the CIA.

Abe and Grace Baxter, Abigail Cameron

They are Rebecca's parents and she is Cammie's maternal aunt.

Professor Buckingham, Madame Dabney, Professor Smith

These are some of the teachers at the Gallagher Academy.

Edward Townsend

He makes his first appearance as an unnamed British agent who debriefs Cammie about her encounter with...

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