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The Growly - The Bachs pilot this object.

Carmel - This location is where Leslie and Richard first met.

Upper Black Eddy - Leslie grew up in this location.

Arizona - An Air Force based is located here.

Foundry - Ideas are made in this location.

Deseret Tent - Leslie and Richard meet Attila the Hun in this location.

France - In this location, Leslie and Richard meet Jean-Paul Le Clerc.

Moscow - While in this location, Richard and Leslie meet a couple and share an evening of political and social discussion.

Shanghai - Flight competitions are held in this location.

Lake Healy - Richard practices landing an object in this location.

Barroom - The Bachs listen to Dave and Lorraine talk about their lives in this location.

Hotel Room - Richard follows his alternate self to this location to speak to him alone before joining Leslie...

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