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The Growly

The Bachs pilot this object.


This location is where Leslie and Richard first met.

Upper Black Eddy

Leslie grew up in this location.


An Air Force based is located here.


Ideas are made in this location.

Deseret Tent

Leslie and Richard meet Attila the Hun in this location.


In this location, Leslie and Richard meet Jean-Paul Le Clerc.


While in this location, Richard and Leslie meet a couple and share an evening of political and social discussion.


Flight competitions are held in this location.

Lake Healy

Richard practices landing an object in this location.


The Bachs listen to Dave and Lorraine talk about their lives in this location.

Hotel Room

Richard follows his alternate self to this location to speak to him alone before joining Leslie and her alternate self.


Leslie spends time with Ronnie and Hy in...

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