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Richard Bach - This character is a pilot who is interested in ESP and out-of-body experiences.

Leslie Parrish-Bach - This character was once an actress who overcame her fear of flying.

Jean-Paul LeClerc - This character received a sheaf of papers that were based on love and light.

Linda Albright - This character is a pilot who is involved in a dogfight in Shaghai, China flight competition.

Pye - This character appears in Growly and acts as a guide through spacetime for two other characters.

Hy Feldman - This character smokes cigarettes even though he promised another character he would stop.

Mashara - This character is a super computer who rescues the planet.

Tink - This character is the idea fairy and runs a foundry.

Ivan Kirilov - This character lives in Moscow and works in the Ministry of Aviation.

Ronnie Parrish - This character dies in...

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