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Chapter 1-2

• Richard was an airline pilot when he first met his wife twenty years ago.

• He and his wife now write together.

• Richard gave up his many women for Leslie.

• The alternate Richard, who was the subject of The Bridge Across Forever, had not made the same choice.

• He had fled to New Zealand from his Laura and now had homes in Auckland, Madrid and Singapore.

• The man is now a multimillionaire.
• Richard and Leslie fly to Los Angeles to attend a conference.

• When they are almost there, they see a flash of yellow light and Los Angeles disappears.

• They don't know what has happened, but the plane is flying itself.

• They talk about whether they are dead, and Richard says at least they died together.

• He lowers the plane to land in the water and everything disappears.

• They find themselves in a hotel; the elevator opens...

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