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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Ellen say about her mother's loss of vision?

2. What does Kate say when George says Easter will be early this year?

3. Why does Jules quit her job?

4. What month does Ellen say is suitable for dying?

5. How long has Ellen stayed with her mother before her death?

Short Essay Questions

1. Kate begins to try to give Ellen advice about her wedding but Ellen stops her. What is Kate's reaction?

2. What is Jon's role in Ellen's arrest?

3. What does Ellen think about when Jeff asks if she has a message for Jon? What is her message?

4. Who is Chris and what happens between Chris and Ellen?

5. What does Mrs. Forburg say about why teaching is important to her and what does she say about understanding Ellen's challenges as a student?

6. Describe the scene in which George is feeding Kate rice pudding. What does Ellen believe is happening?

7. Describe some of the reactions to Ellen's arrest.

8. What does Ellen do when she and Jeff go to the cemetery?

9. What is the memory Ellen has about a tree lighting event the first year her mother was one of the Minnies?

10. What does Teresa say when Ellen asks if she's curious as to why George is never home?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Describe the activities Ellen and Kate share during the months Ellen remains at home with Kate. Which of these are most important to Kate? Which are most important to Ellen? Why? What is the effect of these on their relationship?

Essay Topic 2

Ellen tries to question Dr. Cohn alone one day but the doctor refuses to talk about Kate's cancer without Kate present. Is the doctor correct? Ellen says that she wants to know more about the progression of the disease but can't ask without her mother present. Should she have asked? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 3

Ellen's relief that her mother's suffering is over is seen by some as an admission of guilt, especially when she's able to sleep so soundly her first night in jail. Describe Ellen's reaction to her mother's death, to her arrest and to her trial. Which of the reactions is most believable? Which is least? Why doesn't Ellen tell that she believes her father gave her mother the morphine? Why doesn't her father come forward?

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