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Short Answer Questions

1. Where is Ellen when Kate dies?

2. How much does Jeff give him initially to defend Ellen?

3. What is the word Ellen chooses to describe her paternal grandfather?

4. Which of the following was not among the Christmas movies the family watches together?

5. What is on the cover of the book of devotionals that the man in the grocery store gives Ellen after her arrest?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Ellen say to Mrs. Duane when she says that she's been meaning to visit Kate?

2. What does Mrs. Forburg say about why teaching is important to her and what does she say about understanding Ellen's challenges as a student?

3. What is the conversation Ellen and Kate have when Hally gives Kate the photo of her newborn baby?

4. What does Ellen think about when Jeff asks if she has a message for Jon? What is her message?

5. Kate begins to try to give Ellen advice about her wedding but Ellen stops her. What is Kate's reaction?

6. What is George's response when Kate says she loves Christmas? What does he mean?

7. What changes on the day when Kate calls for Ellen to help her out of the tub?

8. Describe some of the reactions to Ellen's arrest.

9. What are Ellen's theories about why Mrs. Duane and Kate don't talk about men while they're having lunch together?

10. Where does Jeff get the money for Ellen's legal defense?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

When Dr. Cohn suggests that a nurse be hired to help Kate with some of her difficult tasks, Ellen adamantly refuses. Why does she refuse when it's so obvious she needs help? Ellen herself had previously suggested to her father that a nurse be hired. Why is Ellen so against it when it's Dr. Cohn's idea? Is the nurse necessary? What is her impact on the family?

Essay Topic 2

Briefly explain how Ellen comes to be in jail. What is her purpose in not telling what she knows about her mother's death? What does that say about each of the characters involved?

Essay Topic 3

The question of assisted suicide is one that has raised moral and legal questions in recent years. Do you believe that assisted suicide should be legal and is it morally acceptable? Why or why not?

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