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Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following is NOT among the possessions Ellen brings back from New York?

2. What does Kate say the book club will do after they complete the book they're working on?

3. How old is Teresa?

4. What is Ellen's job in New York?

5. What is Jules' reaction to Ellen's news that she and her mother have formed a book club?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are the reactions of Brian and Jeff to their mother's appearance when they come home for Thanksgiving?

2. List at least three details Ellen recalls about the hospital where her mother was given chemotherapy.

3. What is Kate's reaction when she first sees the wheelchair?

4. What is Kate's initial reaction when she discovers that Ellen is home to stay?

5. What does George say when Ellen accuses him of doing nothing to help with Kate?

6. What does Ellen say about putting the futon into her mother's home?

7. Describe the story about Ellen that appears in the Tribune.

8. Briefly describe the conversation that occurs as Kate and her guests try to decide on a color scheme for decorating the Christmas trees?

9. What is Jules' advice about Ellen's decision to stay with her mother?

10. What is the difference between the bedtime songs sang by Ellen's mother and those of her father, and what is their effect on Ellen?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What is the most important scene in the book? Why? Why is that scene effective? Which is more important to that scene: the action or the setting? Why?

Essay Topic 2

Kate doesn't want to have to have Ellen's help with personal hygiene such as bathing and dressing. Explain Kate's attitude. When the time comes that Kate has to call on Ellen to help her out of the bath, Ellen does so without complaint. Why is Kate reluctant to call on her routinely after that? What does Ellen say about how their relationship would change at that point? Is she correct?

Essay Topic 3

Ellen and her mother are, in many ways, opposites. Compare the characters and Ellen and Kate. What are their most striking differences? Similarities? How and why do their characters change over the course of the story?

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