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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Ellen say about the sound of her father's voice as he heads up the stairway after their argument?

2. Who was Dr. Belknap?

3. When George was talking to Ellen as a child, what does he say "A" is for?

4. What is Kate's response to the opinion that her cancer might have been caused by her work in the dry cleaning shop?

5. Where did Stevie die?

Short Essay Questions

1. What questions does Ellen ask about the organization of the book club and what does Kate respond?

2. How did Jonathan and his father come to live in Langhorne?

3. What is the final thing George says to Ellen before she leaves the restaurant where they'd met for lunch and what is her response?

4. What does Ellen say about putting the futon into her mother's home?

5. What does George say when Ellen accuses him of doing nothing to help with Kate?

6. What are the reactions of Brian and Jeff to their mother's appearance when they come home for Thanksgiving?

7. What does Ellen say she believes her role was in her parents' marriage?

8. What is Ellen's father's solution to her mother's need for nursing care and what is Ellen's suggestion?

9. What does Ellen expect she'll find with regard to her mother's physical condition and what does she actually find?

10. Briefly describe the conversation that occurs when one of the women asks if George is taking time off.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Ellen's relief that her mother's suffering is over is seen by some as an admission of guilt, especially when she's able to sleep so soundly her first night in jail. Describe Ellen's reaction to her mother's death, to her arrest and to her trial. Which of the reactions is most believable? Which is least? Why doesn't Ellen tell that she believes her father gave her mother the morphine? Why doesn't her father come forward?

Essay Topic 2

Who is it that comes to Ellen's rescue after Ellen's arrest? What is her role in Ellen's life? Why does she take on this new role after Ellen's arrest? What are the repercussions and are they justified?

Essay Topic 3

When Ellen and George have lunch together as her mother is becoming increasingly more dependent on pain medication, George says that it's time for them to begin planning Kate's funeral. Ellen says that her father asks too much of her and always has. What does Ellen mean? What is George's reaction? What does this say about their relationship?

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