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Short Answer Questions

1. What breaks the silence after the waiter takes their order?

2. How often does Kate go to the hospital for chemotherapy?

3. What day do Brian and Jeff return home for Thanksgiving?

4. What does Ellen say is the effect of her father's affair on her parents' marriage?

5. Where did Ellen's Gulden grandparents run a summer camp?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are Ellen's thoughts when she goes into her mother's room and sees that she's so emaciated.

2. What is Jules' advice about Ellen's decision to stay with her mother?

3. What does George say when Ellen accuses him of doing nothing to help with Kate?

4. What are some of the noises Ellen hears while she's in jail?

5. What is Kate's reaction when she first sees the wheelchair?

6. What is Ellen's reaction to Jonathan's news when he calls her?

7. Briefly describe the conversation that occurs when one of the women asks if George is taking time off.

8. What is the "secret ingredient" Ellen adds to the chicken stock and what does her mother say about it?

9. What does Ellen expect she'll find with regard to her mother's physical condition and what does she actually find?

10. What is Ellen's response when Dr. Cohn suggests that it's time to consider hospice or a hospital?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The months spent caring for Kate changes Ellen's life dramatically. Describe the impact of those months on Ellen. Are any of the effects positive? Are any negative?

Essay Topic 2

Describe the activities Ellen and Kate share during the months Ellen remains at home with Kate. Which of these are most important to Kate? Which are most important to Ellen? Why? What is the effect of these on their relationship?

Essay Topic 3

Who is it that comes to Ellen's rescue after Ellen's arrest? What is her role in Ellen's life? Why does she take on this new role after Ellen's arrest? What are the repercussions and are they justified?

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