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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When does Kate say she and Ellen had a talk about sex?
(a) When Ellen went to her first school dance
(b) When Elen was thirteen
(c) They never did
(d) When Ellen was eleven

2. What is the news Jonathan has when he calls Ellen?
(a) That he wants to marry her
(b) That he's found a permanent job in New York
(c) That he has a summer internship
(d) That he saw Jules and arranged to lease an apartment

3. What is Jules' reaction to Ellen's news that she and her mother have formed a book club?
(a) She says Ellen was very smart
(b) She says it's bound to be tedious
(c) She says it's a bad idea
(d) She predicts they won't finish the books

4. How does Ellen make the trip back to Langhorne?
(a) Plane
(b) Train
(c) Rental car
(d) Bus

5. What color do the Minnies decide they'll use to decorate their trees?
(a) White and Gold
(b) Blue and Silver
(c) Red and Gold
(d) Green and Beige

Short Answer Questions

1. How much younger is Stevie than Kate?

2. What color is the sweater Ellen is wearing in the front page story about her arrest?

3. Why does Kate say her mouth tastes like tin?

4. What are the costumes Brian and Jeff are wearing in the photo Kate has after Teresa leaves?

5. What is the project Kate is asked to call on a young mother about?

Short Essay Questions

1. What questions does Ellen ask about the organization of the book club and what does Kate respond?

2. What is Kate's initial reaction when she discovers that Ellen is home to stay?

3. How does Ellen discover that her father is having an affair?

4. What is the "secret ingredient" Ellen adds to the chicken stock and what does her mother say about it?

5. What does Ellen say tips her off to the fact that Jules has been talking to her mother and what does that say about the relationship between Jules and her mother?

6. What is the final thing George says to Ellen before she leaves the restaurant where they'd met for lunch and what is her response?

7. What does Ellen say about putting the futon into her mother's home?

8. What is Ellen's response when Dr. Cohn suggests that it's time to consider hospice or a hospital?

9. In the prologue, what does Ellen say is the truth about her mother's death?

10. What is Ellen's reaction to Jonathan's news when he calls her?

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