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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Ellen make the trip back to Langhorne?
(a) Rental car
(b) Bus
(c) Train
(d) Plane

2. What does Kate say the book club will do after they complete the book they're working on?
(a) Go to the next book
(b) Take a week to talk about the theme
(c) Set aside a day to compare characters
(d) Talk about the plot with George

3. What is the store Ellen says her mother loves most?
(a) A furniture store
(b) A hardware store
(c) An antique store
(d) A fabric store

4. What day do Brian and Jeff return home for Thanksgiving?
(a) Tuesday
(b) Wednesday
(c) Thursday
(d) Sunday

5. What is Ellen's job in New York?
(a) Newspaper publisher
(b) Editorial assistant
(c) Page designer
(d) Photographer

Short Answer Questions

1. What are two of the items Ellen remembers they need at home?

2. What does Kate say she left at City Hall on her wedding day?

3. Where does George ask Ellen to meet him for lunch?

4. How much younger is Stevie than Kate?

5. Who are in the two largest pictures in Ellen's parents' living room?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the difference between the bedtime songs sang by Ellen's mother and those of her father, and what is their effect on Ellen?

2. What does Ellen say about the way people greeted Ellen and Kate?

3. What questions does Ellen ask about the organization of the book club and what does Kate respond?

4. What does Ellen expect she'll find with regard to her mother's physical condition and what does she actually find?

5. What is the final thing George says to Ellen before she leaves the restaurant where they'd met for lunch and what is her response?

6. What is Jonathan's relationship with his mother?

7. What are the reactions of Brian and Jeff to their mother's appearance when they come home for Thanksgiving?

8. What does George say when Ellen accuses him of doing nothing to help with Kate?

9. What is Ellen's reaction to Jonathan's news when he calls her?

10. What does Ellen say tips her off to the fact that Jules has been talking to her mother and what does that say about the relationship between Jules and her mother?

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