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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Skip's real first name?
(a) Ellen doesn't know
(b) Edwin
(c) Charles
(d) Darwin

2. What does Jonathan say when Ellen says she's going home to take care of her mother?
(a) That she can't handle the nursing duties
(b) That he can't stand to be without her
(c) That she's doing the right thing
(d) That they should hire a nurse

3. What does Teresa say is wrong with the mother of the little girl who tells her jokes?
(a) She has heart trouble
(b) She has leukemia
(c) She has breast cancer
(d) She has diabetes

4. What is happening in the dream from which Kate awakes?
(a) She is watching her mother die
(b) She and Jonathan are biting each other
(c) She is falling
(d) She is driving into fog

5. Where does Ellen go with her brothers for ice cream?
(a) Dairy Diner
(b) Freeze Queen
(c) Dairy Queen
(d) Tastee Freeze

Short Answer Questions

1. What day does Ellen say she'll be back?

2. What is written on the apron Kate is wearing when Jonathan arrives?

3. Where does Ellen and Kate meet Sheila Fenner?

4. What color is the apron Kate is wearing when Kate begins to make lunch?

5. Where did Ellen's parents go after their marriage ceremony?

Short Essay Questions

1. How did Jonathan and his father come to live in Langhorne?

2. In the prologue, what does Ellen say is the truth about her mother's death?

3. Describe Kate's role in the early days of her marriage to George.

4. What is Kate's reaction when she first sees the wheelchair?

5. What does Ellen expect she'll find with regard to her mother's physical condition and what does she actually find?

6. Describe the story about Ellen that appears in the Tribune.

7. List at least three details Ellen recalls about the hospital where her mother was given chemotherapy.

8. What is Jules' advice about Ellen's decision to stay with her mother?

9. What is Ellen's reaction to Jonathan's news when he calls her?

10. What does Ellen say about the way people greeted Ellen and Kate?

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