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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is the attorney who defends Ellen for the majority of the trial?
(a) Jeffery Green
(b) Robert Greenstein
(c) Barry Smith
(d) Johnathan Jester

2. What is the pattern on the curtains in the living room?
(a) Clouds
(b) Flowers
(c) Checks
(d) Stripes

3. Why does Ellen say she didn't call her father after her mother's death?
(a) She was angry at her father
(b) She didn't want to let go of Kate's hand
(c) She'd wanted time to make coffee first
(d) She didn't realize Kate was dead

4. What color is the ribbon Ellen and Kate thread through the wheelchair wheels?
(a) Red
(b) Gold
(c) Red and blue
(d) Red and white

5. What does Ellen find taped to the door of her father's office?
(a) A sign up sheet for conferences
(b) A note with a phone number
(c) An envelope with Ellen's name
(d) A note to George

6. What does Ellen buy hoping her mother will continue to read?
(a) A large-print edition
(b) A different book
(c) A magnifying glass
(d) An audio book

7. How much does Jeff give him initially to defend Ellen?
(a) $75,000
(b) $100,000
(c) $25,000
(d) $50,000

8. What happened to Chris's hand?
(a) His father cut it when he was a child
(b) He cut it with a farming implement
(c) He cut it with a chain saw
(d) He got it caught in a printing press

9. Who tells Ellen that the cause of Kate's death is an overdose of morphine?
(a) Dr. Cohen
(b) George
(c) The police
(d) Teresa

10. What does Kate say when George says Easter will be early this year?
(a) I'll teach Ellen to weave baskets
(b) I can't wait
(c) To hell with Easter
(d) I'll write down my recipe for egg dyes

11. What does Kate say is the key to decorating the tree in the park?
(a) Being glittery
(b) Being conservative
(c) Being gaudy
(d) Being generous

12. Why does Kate say she read the books she and Ellen read as a "book club?"
(a) She wanted a chance to learn about literature
(b) She had never read them
(c) She wanted to read them with Ellen
(d) They were George's idea

13. What is on the shirt Kate wears to the Christmas tree lighting ceremony?
(a) Santa
(b) A Christmas tree
(c) Reindeer
(d) Elves

14. How long does it take to decorate their tree?
(a) Almost three hours
(b) Two hours
(c) Almost four hours
(d) Just more than an hour

15. What does Teresa say happened to her mother?
(a) She died of cancer
(b) She died in childbirth
(c) She had cancer but it is in remission
(d) She was hit by a cab

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Kate say Ellen should not have a flower girl at her wedding?

2. What does Ellen say about her mother's loss of vision?

3. What was Ellen's role in the mock trial when she was in school?

4. What is Ellen's answer when the prosecutor asks if she killed Kate?

5. Where does Ellen spend the night after Kate asks Ellen to help end her suffering?

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