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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where is the psychic from who calls Ellen with a message that her mother forgives her?
(a) Maryland
(b) Missouri
(c) Minnesota
(d) Mississippi

2. Why does Ellen say she can't be angry with George?
(a) Because he's suffering as well
(b) Because she'd kill him
(c) Because it would upset her mother
(d) Because she can't afford to

3. What was George drinking on the night Ellen came downstairs for milk to find her parents at the dining room table?
(a) Soda
(b) Cocoa
(c) Brandy
(d) Milk

4. What does Ellen say about her mother's loss of vision?
(a) That she thinks her mother is just too tired to go on
(b) That it's the result of the cancer
(c) That it's the result of medication
(d) That it's a product of too much time spent reading

5. What does Ellen wear to her grand jury appearance?
(a) A black dress
(b) A black skirt and white blouse
(c) The suit she'd worn to her mother's funeral
(d) A grey business suit

6. What kind of earrings is Teresa wearing?
(a) Turqoise dangles
(b) Silver studs
(c) Pink bows
(d) Gold hoops

7. Which of the following was not among the Christmas movies the family watches together?
(a) A Christmas Carol
(b) White Christmas
(c) It's a Wonderful Life
(d) Miracle on 34th Street

8. What does Jonathan send to Ellen for Christmas?
(a) A plane ticket
(b) A movie
(c) A nightgown
(d) A datebook

9. Where does Ellen spend the night after Kate asks Ellen to help end her suffering?
(a) On the bed beside her mother
(b) In a chair in the den
(c) In jail
(d) In her room

10. What does Ellen buy hoping her mother will continue to read?
(a) A magnifying glass
(b) A large-print edition
(c) An audio book
(d) A different book

11. Why does Kate say she won't read anymore?
(a) The books depress her
(b) She's losing her eyesight
(c) She's tired of the books
(d) She wants to talk with the time she has left

12. How often does Teresa say she goes back to the city?
(a) Never
(b) Almost every weekend
(c) About once a month
(d) Only for holidays

13. Why does Kate say she read the books she and Ellen read as a "book club?"
(a) They were George's idea
(b) She had never read them
(c) She wanted to read them with Ellen
(d) She wanted a chance to learn about literature

14. What is the topic George asks Ellen about that night she comes down to get milk and finds her parents in the dining room?
(a) The closing of a college campus
(b) The building of a new apartment complex
(c) The razing of a park
(d) The installation of a new water system

15. What color are Ms. Duane's eyes?
(a) The book doesn't say
(b) Green
(c) Brown
(d) Blue

Short Answer Questions

1. Who tells Ellen that the cause of Kate's death is an overdose of morphine?

2. What does Teresa say about the condition of the woman with breast cancer about the same time that the woman with pancreatic cancer dies?

3. What is the name of the Camp Teresa visited as a child?

4. What does Teresa say happened to her mother?

5. How much does Jeff give him initially to defend Ellen?

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