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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What movie does Ellen watch the evening she's home alone?
(a) American Pie
(b) All About Eve
(c) Home Alone II
(d) True Lies

2. What does Kate need when she calls for Ellen on pages 162?
(a) More medicine
(b) Help getting out of the tub
(c) Company
(d) Help reading a phone number

3. Where does Ellen spend the night after Kate asks Ellen to help end her suffering?
(a) On the bed beside her mother
(b) In a chair in the den
(c) In jail
(d) In her room

4. Who tells Ellen that the cause of Kate's death is an overdose of morphine?
(a) The police
(b) Teresa
(c) George
(d) Dr. Cohen

5. What is the view Kate has from her hospital bed?
(a) The driveway and the house next door
(b) The back yard
(c) The street
(d) There isn't a view

6. When does Halley say her baby is due?
(a) Six weeks
(b) A week from Friday
(c) A month and a half
(d) A week earlier

7. What kind of earrings is Teresa wearing?
(a) Turqoise dangles
(b) Pink bows
(c) Gold hoops
(d) Silver studs

8. What does Ellen wear to her grand jury appearance?
(a) A grey business suit
(b) A black skirt and white blouse
(c) The suit she'd worn to her mother's funeral
(d) A black dress

9. Who does Ellen say comes to visit?
(a) The Minnies and the neighbors
(b) No one but the delivery man
(c) A few of Kate's closest friends
(d) Only family

10. Which of the following was not among the Christmas movies the family watches together?
(a) White Christmas
(b) A Christmas Carol
(c) It's a Wonderful Life
(d) Miracle on 34th Street

11. What was George drinking on the night Ellen came downstairs for milk to find her parents at the dining room table?
(a) Brandy
(b) Milk
(c) Soda
(d) Cocoa

12. How much does Jeff give him initially to defend Ellen?
(a) $50,000
(b) $25,000
(c) $100,000
(d) $75,000

13. What does the little girl named Hettie say to Kate?
(a) She likes how the wheels are decorated
(b) She's sorry Kate is sick
(c) She wants to come visit
(d) She likes Kate's tree

14. Why does Ellen say she'd decided to protect her father?
(a) She believes he had been unable to bear Kate's suffering
(b) She believes he couldn't withstand a trial
(c) She doesn't believe he really killed Kate
(d) She loves him

15. What does Kate say when George says Easter will be early this year?
(a) I'll teach Ellen to weave baskets
(b) To hell with Easter
(c) I'll write down my recipe for egg dyes
(d) I can't wait

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Ellen give her mother for Christmas?

2. What was Ellen's role in the mock trial when she was in school?

3. Why does Kate say she won't read anymore?

4. What was the sampler on the wall of the Gulden dining room?

5. What is the name of the Camp Teresa visited as a child?

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