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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Ellen meet Jeff after she's released from Jail?
(a) At Jeff's apartment
(b) At Mrs. Forburg's house
(c) At their parent's house
(d) At a Greek diner

2. What does Ellen say her mother had nightmares about?
(a) Being buried alive
(b) Dying
(c) Snakes and spiders
(d) Babies and thunderstorms

3. What is Ellen's answer when the prosecutor asks if she killed Kate?
(a) She says she did it
(b) She says she couldn't do it
(c) She says that she didn't but believes her father did
(d) She says she didn't but that she knows who did

4. How long does Ellen say it is before she sees her father again?
(a) Eighteen months except on holidays
(b) Three months
(c) Four years, three months and six days
(d) Eight years with only one exception

5. What is the craft project Ellen is working on?
(a) A teapot dishtowel
(b) A landscape tapestry
(c) A Southern lady pillowcase
(d) A sunflower pillow

6. What is the topic George asks Ellen about that night she comes down to get milk and finds her parents in the dining room?
(a) The razing of a park
(b) The building of a new apartment complex
(c) The installation of a new water system
(d) The closing of a college campus

7. What does the Mayor say by way of a holiday greeting?
(a) Ho, ho, ho
(b) Happy holidays
(c) Merry Christmas
(d) Glad tidings to you all

8. Which of the following was not among the Christmas movies the family watches together?
(a) It's a Wonderful Life
(b) A Christmas Carol
(c) White Christmas
(d) Miracle on 34th Street

9. What kind of earrings is Teresa wearing?
(a) Turqoise dangles
(b) Gold hoops
(c) Silver studs
(d) Pink bows

10. What color are the curtains in Mrs. Forburg's kitchen?
(a) Yellow
(b) Pink
(c) White
(d) Blue

11. What does Jonathan send to Ellen for Christmas?
(a) A plane ticket
(b) A nightgown
(c) A datebook
(d) A movie

12. What happened to Chris's hand?
(a) His father cut it when he was a child
(b) He cut it with a farming implement
(c) He cut it with a chain saw
(d) He got it caught in a printing press

13. What does Ellen wear to her grand jury appearance?
(a) A black dress
(b) The suit she'd worn to her mother's funeral
(c) A black skirt and white blouse
(d) A grey business suit

14. What does Kate eat on the last afternoon of her life?
(a) A scrambled egg
(b) Nothing
(c) Mashed potatoes
(d) Tomato soup

15. What is the pattern on the curtains in the living room?
(a) Flowers
(b) Stripes
(c) Checks
(d) Clouds

Short Answer Questions

1. Where is the psychic from who calls Ellen with a message that her mother forgives her?

2. Why does Ellen say she buys flowers?

3. Who is the attorney who defends Ellen for the majority of the trial?

4. What was George drinking on the night Ellen came downstairs for milk to find her parents at the dining room table?

5. Where is the lunch held after Kate's funeral?

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