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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Ellen meet Jeff after she's released from Jail?
(a) At their parent's house
(b) At Jeff's apartment
(c) At Mrs. Forburg's house
(d) At a Greek diner

2. Who does Ellen say comes to visit?
(a) No one but the delivery man
(b) The Minnies and the neighbors
(c) Only family
(d) A few of Kate's closest friends

3. How long has Ellen stayed with her mother before her death?
(a) Two weeks
(b) Eight weeks
(c) Eight months
(d) Five months

4. What does Ellen say her mother had nightmares about?
(a) Babies and thunderstorms
(b) Snakes and spiders
(c) Being buried alive
(d) Dying

5. What does Kate eat on the last afternoon of her life?
(a) Mashed potatoes
(b) Tomato soup
(c) A scrambled egg
(d) Nothing

6. Why does Kate say she read the books she and Ellen read as a "book club?"
(a) She wanted a chance to learn about literature
(b) She wanted to read them with Ellen
(c) She had never read them
(d) They were George's idea

7. How often does Teresa say she goes back to the city?
(a) Never
(b) About once a month
(c) Only for holidays
(d) Almost every weekend

8. What is on the shirt Kate wears to the Christmas tree lighting ceremony?
(a) Elves
(b) Santa
(c) A Christmas tree
(d) Reindeer

9. Why does Ellen say she can't be angry with George?
(a) Because she'd kill him
(b) Because she can't afford to
(c) Because he's suffering as well
(d) Because it would upset her mother

10. What is the game Grandmother Gulden teaches Ellen when she's a child?
(a) War
(b) Hearts
(c) Go Fish
(d) Canasta

11. What does Teresa say about the condition of the woman with breast cancer about the same time that the woman with pancreatic cancer dies?
(a) She died
(b) She's in a great deal of pain
(c) She's in remission
(d) She's denying that there's anything wrong

12. What does Kate need when she calls for Ellen on pages 162?
(a) Company
(b) More medicine
(c) Help reading a phone number
(d) Help getting out of the tub

13. How long does it take to decorate their tree?
(a) Almost four hours
(b) Just more than an hour
(c) Almost three hours
(d) Two hours

14. Who is the attorney who defends Ellen for the majority of the trial?
(a) Jeffery Green
(b) Johnathan Jester
(c) Robert Greenstein
(d) Barry Smith

15. What does Ellen say about her mother's loss of vision?
(a) That it's a product of too much time spent reading
(b) That she thinks her mother is just too tired to go on
(c) That it's the result of medication
(d) That it's the result of the cancer

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Jules quit her job?

2. What color is the ribbon Ellen and Kate thread through the wheelchair wheels?

3. What does Ellen find taped to the door of her father's office?

4. What kind of sandwich does Ellen eat after the trees are decorated?

5. How much does Jeff give him initially to defend Ellen?

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