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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What kind of vehicle does Jeff have?
(a) A Silverado
(b) A Camry
(c) A Toyota
(d) A Jeep

2. What does Ellen have for dessert?
(a) Jell-o
(b) Nothing
(c) Cheesecake
(d) Coffee cake

3. What is happening in the dream from which Kate awakes?
(a) She is falling
(b) She and Jonathan are biting each other
(c) She is watching her mother die
(d) She is driving into fog

4. What does Teresa say is wrong with the mother of the little girl who tells her jokes?
(a) She has diabetes
(b) She has heart trouble
(c) She has leukemia
(d) She has breast cancer

5. Where was Kate's Schwinn bought as a child?
(a) A second-hand shop downtown
(b) Parker's Cycle shop
(c) Roadside Wheelers
(d) Riverside Park

6. Where did Ellen's parents go after their marriage ceremony?
(a) Cambers Street
(b) Florida
(c) Mexico
(d) Niagra Falls

7. What does Kate say Brian would do as a child while she cooked?
(a) Plead for tastes
(b) Read
(c) Run away
(d) Stir flour and water together

8. Where did Ellen's Gulden grandparents run a summer camp?
(a) New York State
(b) Colorado
(c) Oregon
(d) Florida

9. What do Ellen and Kate eat in the park?
(a) Blueberries
(b) Cookies
(c) Bananas
(d) Peanut butter and jelly

10. What two words are repeated in the lullaby Ellen's mother sings to her?
(a) Ellen and Mama
(b) Lullaby and good-night
(c) Peace and joy
(d) Safe and sound

11. Who was Dr. Belknap?
(a) Ellen's mother's oncologist
(b) Ellen's father's best friend
(c) Ellen's pediatrician
(d) Ellen's psychiatrist

12. What does Ellen compare to the hospital?
(a) A bedroom
(b) The library
(c) A mortuary
(d) The beach

13. What does Jonathan say when Ellen says she's going home to take care of her mother?
(a) That she's doing the right thing
(b) That she can't handle the nursing duties
(c) That they should hire a nurse
(d) That he can't stand to be without her

14. What day do Brian and Jeff return home for Thanksgiving?
(a) Wednesday
(b) Sunday
(c) Tuesday
(d) Thursday

15. What does Kate say she's done to cause her back to hurt?
(a) Developed a kidney stone
(b) Bruised it
(c) Thrown out a disc
(d) She says the cancer is causing the pain

Short Answer Questions

1. Where did Stevie die?

2. What is the news Jonathan has when he calls Ellen?

3. What kind of trees do the Minnies decorate each year?

4. What does Ellen break just before preparing to leave?

5. Which of the following is not one of the activities Ellen describes having with her mother?

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