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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Kate say she's done to cause her back to hurt?
(a) Thrown out a disc
(b) Bruised it
(c) Developed a kidney stone
(d) She says the cancer is causing the pain

2. What color is Kate's hair?
(a) Blonde
(b) Gray
(c) Brown
(d) Red

3. When does Kate say she and Ellen had a talk about sex?
(a) They never did
(b) When Ellen was eleven
(c) When Ellen went to her first school dance
(d) When Elen was thirteen

4. What does Ellen compare her mother's chest to?
(a) A balloon
(b) A baby bird
(c) A pillow
(d) An ironing board

5. What did Jonathan's father do for a living in New York City?
(a) He's a justice of the peace
(b) He's a court baliff
(c) He's a lawyer
(d) He's a police officer

6. What color is Dr. Cohn's car?
(a) Blue
(b) Yellow
(c) Black
(d) Green

7. What are the final words George says to Ellen as he disappears up the stairway?
(a) That she should call on the boys for help
(b) That the family is nearing bankrupt because of the medical bills
(c) That she should remember that she has a duty
(d) That she should remember that he takes the night shift

8. What day does Jonathan unexpectedly drop in?
(a) Wednesday
(b) Sunday
(c) Tuesday
(d) Thursday

9. What does Mrs. Fenner say about Kate's physical appearance?
(a) That she's obviously been ill
(b) That she's obviously lost weight
(c) That she's obviously been working out
(d) That she's obviously gained weight

10. What does Kate say she and Teresa were laughing about while Ellen was downstairs?
(a) A joke about Blueberry Hill
(b) A photo of Ellen as Little Bo Peep
(c) A knock-knock joke about a banana
(d) A photo of Brian and Jeff

11. What does Ellen note about the size of her parents' home as compared to other houses on the block?
(a) Their home is about the same
(b) Their home is larger
(c) Their home is smaller
(d) The size isn't mentioned

12. What breaks the silence after the waiter takes their order?
(a) Another faculty member
(b) Falling pots and pans
(c) George's pager
(d) Ellen's cell phone

13. Who was Dr. Belknap?
(a) Ellen's pediatrician
(b) Ellen's father's best friend
(c) Ellen's mother's oncologist
(d) Ellen's psychiatrist

14. What is happening in the dream from which Kate awakes?
(a) She is falling
(b) She is watching her mother die
(c) She and Jonathan are biting each other
(d) She is driving into fog

15. What does Jonathan say when Ellen says she's going home to take care of her mother?
(a) That she can't handle the nursing duties
(b) That he can't stand to be without her
(c) That they should hire a nurse
(d) That she's doing the right thing

Short Answer Questions

1. What day does Ellen say she'll be back?

2. What is the store Ellen says her mother loves most?

3. What does Jules think of Jonathan?

4. What is the news Jonathan has when he calls Ellen?

5. What does Ellen break just before preparing to leave?

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