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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Pages 198 - 219.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was the sampler on the wall of the Gulden dining room?
(a) A still life of wine and fruit
(b) A field of sunflowers
(c) A family tree
(d) The scene from the Last Supper

2. What does Ellen say her mother does the day after their marriage?
(a) Goes home to her mother
(b) Throws a reception party
(c) Makes curtains out of sheets
(d) Cries

3. What kind of sandwich does Ellen eat after the trees are decorated?
(a) Ham and cheese
(b) Egg salad
(c) Roast beef
(d) Peanut butter and jelly

4. What kind of vehicle does Jeff have?
(a) A Jeep
(b) A Toyota
(c) A Camry
(d) A Silverado

5. What kind of coat does Kate wear when she and George go out for dinner and music?
(a) Velour
(b) Denim
(c) Velvet
(d) Fur

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Ellen's job in New York?

2. Where does Ellen and Kate meet Sheila Fenner?

3. What color is the ribbon Ellen and Kate thread through the wheelchair wheels?

4. What is the group that offers to pay for Ellen's legal expenses?

5. How often does Teresa say she goes back to the city?

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