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Prologue, Pages 12 - 26

• The prologue offers details about Ellen's stay in jail.

• Ellen says that she wishes she had been able to do what her mother asked, but that she hadn't.

• In chapter one, Ellen recounts a four-day visit home to see her brothers who were both leaving for college.

• Ellen's mother has surgery, and she learns from her father that it's cancer.

• Ellen and her father argue because he says she should take a leave from her job and return home to care for her mother.

• Ellen says that her father should take a sabbatical to care for her but returns to the city with the agreement that she'll be back.

Pages 27 - 46

• Ellen has dinner with her best friend, Jules, before leaving the city.

• Jules assures Ellen that she's doing the right thing.

• Ellen's boss offers her a raise if she'll remain but she declines.

• Ellen...

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