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Short Answer Questions

1. What do the enemy's expenditures consist of according to Clausewitz?

2. What was formerly a synonym of the "art of war" in Book 2, Chapter 4?

3. What is never final in war according to Clausewitz?

4. Why do the first war theorists only consider what could be mathematically calculated when they created the first war theory according to Clausewitz?

5. What did previous theorists exclude from the rules according to Clausewitz?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is just as important as physical fitness?

2. When do the hostilities end according to Clausewitz?

3. What type of men are best at dealing with friction according to Clausewitz and how are they found?

4. What do officers have to cultivate and why according to Clausewitz?

5. What human weakness does Clausewitz associate with poor information handling?

6. What does Clausewitz say about war strategy education?

7. What didn't the invention of gun powder, advances in fire arms and the advance of civilization alter, according to Clausewitz?

8. What does Clausewitz think can bolster morale and cohesion in an army?

9. What does Clausewitz think of military knowledge through books?

10. What does Clausewitz think of the current theory on war?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Do you think Clausewitz is right when he says that wars between civilized nations are less cruel and destructive than between "savages"? Use the text to support your statements.

Essay Topic 2

Trinity is one of most important concepts of the book. Give the definition of trinity for Clausewitz, using the book as reference. Explain each element of Trinity and how they apply to war.

Essay Topic 3

Clausewitz talks about how an army can be on the moral side; meaning one army has the just cause. Analyze the governments of Europe and what they were standing for. Do you think European countries of that time could have the moral high ground against another country? Use the text to support your statements.

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