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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What must the strategist do during war according to Clausewitz?
(a) Use past strategies.
(b) Always use the same strategy.
(c) Change strategies every few days.
(d) Maintain control.

2. What does Clausewitz say can alleviate fear in an army and improve performances?
(a) Good weapons.
(b) Good self esteem.
(c) Trust.
(d) Money.

3. What portion of the war plans do lower ranking figures usually implement according to Clausewitz?
(a) The easy portion.
(b) The unimportant portion.
(c) The tactical portion.
(d) The small portion.

4. What is the third property according to Clausewitz?
(a) Courage.
(b) Uncertainty of all information.
(c) Army size.
(d) Moral values.

5. What does Clausewitz compare the old "art of war" to to conclude its uselessness?
(a) Arrow making and archery.
(b) Cultivation and eating.
(c) Sword building and fencing.
(d) Cow breeding and cultivation.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who said that the commander in chief of an army must resolve problems like great mathematicians, such as Newton and Euler?

2. According to Clausewitz, why should events be studied one by one and in great detail?

3. Who does Clausewitz say fares best at war with the consequences of friction?

4. What does Clausewitz say must determine the amount of efforts and resources put in a war?

5. How does Clausewitz qualify the task of creating a scientific theory for the conduct of war?

Short Essay Questions

1. What type of men are best at dealing with friction according to Clausewitz and how are they found?

2. What does Clausewitz say about war strategy education?

3. What does Clausewitz say of the analysis of several battles at the same time?

4. What human weakness does Clausewitz associate with poor information handling?

5. What does Clausewitz think of the current theory on war?

6. What is important to the soldiers of an army according to Clausewitz?

7. What does Clausewitz say about routine?

8. According to Clausewitz, what needs to be subdued to win a war?

9. What does Clausewitz think of military knowledge through books?

10. What is just as important as physical fitness?

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