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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Clausewitz tell the reader is better than reading and learning about war strategy from books?
(a) Luck.
(b) Learning abroad.
(c) Learning under a good commander.
(d) Experience.

2. What is the aim of disarming the enemy according to Clausewitz?
(a) To force the enemy to rebuild his forces.
(b) To clear the way for an invasion.
(c) To win the battle.
(d) To eliminate the threat of the enemy.

3. What led to the need for a theory on the "art of war," according to Clausewtiz?
(a) The need to sell more books.
(b) The need to train more efficient Generals.
(c) The creation of war colleges.
(d) Reflections on the events of war.

4. What are the two sure ways to defeat an enemy according to Clausewitz?
(a) To blockade his ports and wait for his surrender.
(b) To destroy his armies and blockade his country.
(c) To destroy his armies and invade his country.
(d) To defeat his allies and take his women.

5. What brings value to a strategy according to Clausewitz?
(a) The political gain of the emperor.
(b) The results.
(c) How well the war divert people from actual problems.
(d) The generals implementing it.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Clausewitz sees the first 6 books he wrote in his notes?

2. According to Clausewitz, what can you expect if you demand a small penalty from your opponent?

3. What is precious to an army according to Clausewitz in Book 2, Chapter 3?

4. According to Clausewitz, what cannot be ignored in war?

5. What definition does Clausewitz give for "friction"?

Short Essay Questions

1. What type of men are best at dealing with friction according to Clausewitz and how are they found?

2. What does Clausewitz say about routine?

3. What does Clausewitz think of military knowledge through books?

4. Why does Clausewitz think that the result of war is never final?

5. What does Clausewitz says about great commanders?

6. What does Clausewitz say of the analysis of several battles at the same time?

7. What human weakness does Clausewitz associate with poor information handling?

8. According to Clausewitz, what was initially considered the art of war by the first war theorists?

9. When do the hostilities end according to Clausewitz?

10. What is friction according to Clausewitz?

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