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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 2, On The Theory of War : Chapter 3, Physical Effort, Intelligence & Friction in War.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the aim of war according to Clausewitz?
(a) Get a better army.
(b) Destroy the capital city of the enemy.
(c) Destroy the country side of the enemy.
(d) Disarm the enemy.

2. How does Clausewitz sees war in Book 1, Chapter 1?
(a) As a way for generals to fight boredom.
(b) As a one time event that politicians cannot control.
(c) As a necessity for the economy.
(d) As a continuation of policy by other means.

3. What does Clausewitz say can alleviate fear in an army and improve performances?
(a) Money.
(b) Good self esteem.
(c) Good weapons.
(d) Trust.

4. What types of soldiers does Clausewitz say tend to lose heart when they encounter combat?
(a) Young officers.
(b) Married soldiers and the sick.
(c) Poorly trained soldiers.
(d) The inexperienced and followers.

5. Who does Clausewitz say fares best at war with the consequences of friction?
(a) People who are smart enough to foresee the friction.
(b) People who are not smart enough to realize the problem.
(c) People who don't care.
(d) People with an iron will.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is war NOT, according to Clausewitz?

2. What do the kindhearted think, according to Clausewitz?

3. What does Clausewitz says is the minimum objective that a fighting army can choose?

4. What qualifies military geniuses according to Clausewitz?

5. What adds to the challenges of the execution of a battle plan according to Clausewitz?

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