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Battlefield Re-Enactment

As a class, attend a battlefield re-enactment or watch a video of a re-enactment online or on DVD. As a class, outline the strategies employed and then create a plan based on Clausewitz' book, "On War." What would he do differently if he were in charge of the military campaign?

Time Line

Create a time line that traces the life of Carl von Clausewitz, as well as events discussed in the book. As a class, discuss how these events affected the future. Pretend to take one event out of the time line, such as Carl's military strategy, what wars would it affect?

Five Minute Wrap Up!

Assign each student one or two concepts discussed by Clausewitz in '"On War." Have them prepare an oral report that breaks down and evaluates each concept. The catch is that each student is limited to 5 minutes and cannot go...

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