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Short Answer Questions

1. Mamet says in Chapter 4 that a lot of the decisions you think are going to be arbitrary are arrived at through the what?

2. Mamet compared the work of the film director to what, in Chapter 6?

3. What did the farmer do in Mamet's version of the ending in Chapter 5?

4. What did Stanislavsky say is needed alone to support the text?

5. Mamet says that the perfect movie doesn't have any what?

Short Essay Questions

1. What did Mamet suggest to the new director regarding animated films, in Chapter 5?

2. What was Mamet's response to "performance art" questions which arise in shooting?

3. What is the hierarchy of film? Why did Mamet suggest the actor cannot be a fallback for the film in Chapter 6?

4. What was Mamet's reply to the question, "Is it possible to do everything "right" and still make a bad movie?"

5. What is the appropriate response to the actor who asks "how do I walk down the hall", in the example in Chapter 4?

6. What is the Cult of Self which Mamet refers to in Chapter 6?

7. How did Mamet describe dealing with dialogue in Chapter 4?

8. How did Mamet relate film direction and screenwriting in Chapter 6?

9. What has the hypothetical film evolved to in terms of danger in Chapter 5?

10. What scenario did Mamet present for the hypothetical film in Chapter 5?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss the element of dialogue in film. What did Mamet suggest in directing scenes with dialogue? What should a director avoid in terms of dialogue?

Essay Topic 2

What authors did Mamet quote in the book with regard to cutting extraneous text in a screenplay? What theorists did he speak about in dramatic analysis?

Essay Topic 3

Who was William of Occam, and what was Occam's Razor? How does this apply to film and dramatic analysis?

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