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Short Answer Questions

1. In the scenario in Chapter 2, how early did the protagonist arrive to the class?

2. A good writer only gets better by learning to do what, according to Mamet?

3. According to Mamet, it is essential to cut that which has what to us?

4. Mamet cited Aristotle in saying there is no such thing as what?

5. The smallest unit is the shot; the largest unit is what?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Mamet say in terms of withholding information from the audience, in Chapter 2?

2. What animated film did Mamet laud as perfect in Chapter 5?

3. What did Mamet write about the Navaho Indians in Chapter 6?

4. How did Mamet illustrate juxtaposition of shots in documentary film in Chapter 1?

5. What did Mamet write in Chapter 1 regarding character description and narration?

6. What did Mamet suggest directors should strive for in terms of film dialogue in movies, in Chapter 4?

7. What example did Mamet give of Humphrey Bogart's simplicity, in Chapter 4?

8. What writers and filmmakers did Mamet refer to in the Preface and Chapter 1 regarding screenwriting and film direction?

9. What does Mamet say regarding the training of film actors in today's world?

10. How did Mamet explain the principle concern in choosing shots in Chapter 2?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Define the following terms and describe how they relate to one another: shot, beat, scene, film, protagonist, and objective.

Essay Topic 2

Describe the career of author David Mamet and how he came to the world of film. What was the principle area of his expertise at the time he wrote On Directing Film?

Essay Topic 3

Compare the films of Frank Capra and Werner Herzog. How do these directors differ in their approach and storytelling? With whom do Mamet's theories most relate?

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