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Short Answer Questions

1. Mamet says you should always do things in what way, in order to make the best movie?

2. What is the main shot of any given scene?

3. Eisenstein claimed that the best image is a what image?

4. In ADR, what does D stand for?

5. Mamet says in Chapter 1 that if the film follows the protagonist around, what he does had better be what?

Short Essay Questions

1. How did Mamet describe film in terms of syllogism in Chapter 3?

2. How did Mamet explain the principle concern in choosing shots in Chapter 2?

3. How did Mamet describe human nature in piecing together stories from film?

4. What are the different approaches Mamet discussed as methods of storytelling in film, in Chapter 1?

5. What scenario did Mamet put forth to the class in Chapter 2? How did Mamet relate the suggested opening shot of this scenario to television?

6. What is a "MacGuffin", and who coined this phrase?

7. What did Mamet cite from the book, "The Uses of Enchantment" in Chapter 2?

8. What did Mamet indicate is the point of view of the performance artist, in Chapter 3?

9. Describe Mamet's discussion of understanding precipitation in architecture in Chapter 3.

10. How did Mamet describe Eisenstein's theory of montage?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Define the following terms and describe how they relate to one another: shot, beat, scene, film, protagonist, and objective.

Essay Topic 2

Describe Eisenstein's theory of montage. How did Mamet view this approach to storytelling in film?

Essay Topic 3

Discuss Mamet's opinion of actor training in the United States today. What level of training do film actors have versus stage actors?

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