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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5: Pig—The Movie.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. A good writer only gets better by learning to do what, according to Mamet?
(a) Create characters.
(b) Narrate.
(c) Cut.
(d) Flesh out stories.

2. The newspaper reviewer criticized an author for attempting screenwriting because he was nearly what?
(a) Deaf.
(b) Paralyzed.
(c) Illiterate.
(d) Blind.

3. According to Mamet in Chapter 3, the film business is caught in a spiral of degeneracy because it is run by people who have no what?
(a) Craft.
(b) Structure.
(c) Compass.
(d) Map.

4. What does Mamet say that he defies anyone to act in Chapter 4?
(a) Their motivation.
(b) Where they came from.
(c) Their height.
(d) Their obstacle.

5. According to Mamet in Chapter 5, what is the perfect movie?
(a) Casablanca.
(b) It's a Wonderful Life.
(c) Breakfast at Tiffany's.
(d) Dumbo.

Short Answer Questions

1. Using the example the class previously created, in Chapter 4, what is the meaning of the beat?

2. What does Mamet say happens when the problem posited by the scene is over?

3. According to Mamet in Chapter 3, "You tax the audience every time you don't move on to _______ of the progression as quickly as possible."

4. The two essential elements of story, according to Aristotle, are surprise and what?

5. What did the pig have around its neck in the hypothetical film from Chapter 5?

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