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Columbia University Film School - The book is based on lectures Mamet delivered at this location.

Chicago, IL - This is the home town of David Mamet.

Vermont - Mamet attended college here.

Hollywood - Mamet became a screenwriter and director of many films here.

New York, New York - Mamet's play Glengarry Glen Ross was a hit here for which Mamet won the Pulitzer Price and Drama Critics Award.

Massachusetts - David Mamet has homes here.

Volga River - Renowned Russian dramatist Constantin Stanislavsky is referenced by Mamet. When Stanislavsky was having dinner in this location, he wondered how the steamboat captain was able to always steer the boat safely.

Steadicam - Mamet considers this as having injured American movie-making. This object makes it too easy for the director to opt to follow the protagonist around rather than develop the story.

MacGuffin - The thing the...

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