On Becoming a Novelist Character Descriptions

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John Gardner

The author of On Becoming a Novelist published other works including The Forms of Fiction, Grendel, Mickelsson's Ghosts, Nickel Mountain, The Resurrection, The Sunlight Dialogues, and The Wreckage of Agathon.

Lennis Dunlap

This is the author's slightly older colleague at the California State University, Chico. For two years this writer collaborated on an anthology of fiction, The Forms of Fiction.

Raymond Carver

This writer is one of the author's most successful protégées. A short-story writer, he provides the Foreword to On Becoming a Novelist.

Fyodor Dostoevsky

This is the author of Crime and Punishment.

Theodore Dreiser

This is the author of Sister Carrie and An American Tragedy.

William Faulkner

According to the author of On Becoming a Novelist, this writer succeeds in writing good fiction in spite of such techniques as using sentence fragments and dropping commas to heighten emotion. This writer suffers the...

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