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John Gardner - The author of On Becoming a Novelist published other works including The Forms of Fiction, Grendel, Mickelsson's Ghosts, Nickel Mountain, The Resurrection, The Sunlight Dialogues, and The Wreckage of Agathon.

Lennis Dunlap - This is the author's slightly older colleague at the California State University, Chico. For two years this writer collaborated on an anthology of fiction, The Forms of Fiction.

Raymond Carver - This writer is one of the author's most successful protégées. A short-story writer, he provides the Foreword to On Becoming a Novelist.

Fyodor Dostoevsky - This is the author of Crime and Punishment.

Theodore Dreiser - This is the author of Sister Carrie and An American Tragedy.

William Faulkner - According to the author of On Becoming a Novelist, this writer succeeds in writing good fiction in spite of such techniques as using sentence fragments and dropping commas...

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