Objects & Places from On Beauty and Being Just

Elaine Scarry
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Dante's Beatrice - Scarry mentions this as an example of a beautiful woman who inspired shocking and moving feelings in her beholder.

Odysseus - This person saw a beautiful woman and, at first, was unable to comprehend her beauty until he put it in the context of other beauties he had seen.

Matisse's Palm Fronds - These serve as the basis for Scarry's argument that we can be mistaken in what we find beautiful or ugly.

Vase - Scarry writes that when this is badly constructed it only increases our appreciation of beautiful ones.

Assembly Hall - This as a physical manifestation of equality is necessary so that people have something to center their appreciation of justice on.

Trireme - This is a boat used in Athens. Scarry mentions it to prove that beauty is not only aesthetic but also powerful.

Sky - Scarry writes that, in...

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