On Beauty and Being Just Fun Activities

Elaine Scarry
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Quotable Quotes

Have the students make a collection of their favorite quotes from this book along with a reason as to why they liked them.

Beauty Journal

Have the students keep a journal while reading this book where they write down examples of beauty which they see in their lives.

Doctrinal Pamphlets

Have the students create some pamphlets or booklets that describe the definition and impact of one of the important doctrines of beauty that changed and shaped history.

Inspirational Posters

Have the students create an inspirational and artistic poster using one of the quotes from this book. These could be sold as a fundraiser or a charitable event.

Game Time

Have the students each create a game that enhances the player's knowledge of the book. Have a scheduled day to play all of these games together.

Religious Glossary

There were a lot of religious terms used in...

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