On Beauty and Being Just Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Elaine Scarry
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On Beauty and Being Wrong

• On Beauty and Being Just is a philosophical argument leading to the conclusion that beauty produces equality and social good.
• Scarry writes in defense of beauty because she says it motivates people to do good and make things better when we can.
• She cites Wittgenstein who said that beauty created the desire to replicate. Plato said that was the reason people had babies.
• A sonnet from Dante is quoted which talks about the impulse of unceasing begetting. It is strongly remarked that true beauty is only there when it is replicated.
• Scarry says that even poor works of art are created in an effort to reproduce beautiful things that are seen.
• Scarry talks about noticing changes in beauty, like when something that was beautiful turns ugly and when something that was ugly turns beautiful.
• She says she once thought palm fronds were ugly...

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