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Fred Gipson
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Travis think about Lisbeth staying with them?
(a) He thinks she will be no help and a bother.
(b) He thinks she will pester him all day.
(c) He thinks she will work hard.
(d) He thinks she will sit and cry all day.

2. Why does Travis hate gathering corn?
(a) It is boring work.
(b) It is hot work and the corn shucks sting and makes the skin itch.
(c) It is a child's job.
(d) It is woman's work.

3. What does Travis do when he hears the sound of dogs fighting? T
(a) He gets his gun.
(b) He holds Arliss in his lap.
(c) He runs out to see what is happening.
(d) He runs out to see if Mama is OK.

4. What does Papa tell Travis about what he had to do to Old Yeller?
(a) Papa says that Travis needs to forget about Old Yeller.
(b) Papa says that Travis needs to toughen up.
(c) Papa says that Travis needs to stop being a cry baby.
(d) Papa says that life is cruel and unfair sometimes.

5. How much longer will Papa be away?
(a) One more month.
(b) One week.
(c) Two more weeks.
(d) Mama says anytime now.

6. What does Lisbeth do while she stays with Travis and his family?
(a) She plays with the puppy all day.
(b) She plays with Arliss all day.
(c) She works hard.
(d) She reads most of the time.

7. What prevents the animal sick with hydrophobia from getting Mama?
(a) It falls to its knees.
(b) It falls in a hole.
(c) It runs into a tree.
(d) It goes after Old Yeller instead.

8. How does Old Yeller react to the animal that comes into the yard?
(a) He whimpers.
(b) He tries to crawl away.
(c) He snarls and his hackles stand up.
(d) He crawls under Travis' bed.

9. What does Mama tell Little Arliss to do as she is about to remove Old Yeller's bandage?
(a) She tells Arliss to go catch her a green-striped lizard.
(b) She tells Arliss to go play at the river.
(c) She tells Arliss to catch her a big frog for dinner.
(d) She tells Arliss to wait over by Jumper.

10. What happens to Travis when he falls into the killer hogs?
(a) A slashing tusk catches him in the calf of his right leg.
(b) A hog grabs him by his angle.
(c) The pigs jump on top of him.
(d) A bar' hog bites his foot.

11. What does Travis see that makes him think Old Yeller is dead?
(a) He sees a large puddle of blood around the spot where Old Yeller is hidden.
(b) Flies are hovering over the spot where Old Yeller is hidden.
(c) Buzzards circling and diving above the spot where Old Yeller is hidden
(d) He sees a sees a hog sniffing around the spot where Old Yeller is hidden.

12. How does Travis know that he is near the hogs?
(a) He hears Old Yeller baying.
(b) He sees a cougar watching from a high cliff.
(c) He sees and eagle circling.
(d) He hears the hogs squealing.

13. What does Mama use as a poultice for Travis' wound?
(a) Bear fat.
(b) Turpentine and mud.
(c) Flour and vinegar.
(d) Prickly-pear roots.

14. Why is Travis angry that Bud Searcy comes to visit?
(a) He always yells at Little Arliss.
(b) He is a bother to Mama.
(c) He always insults Old Yeller.
(d) He tries to get on Mama's good side while Papa is away.

15. What is the hog's favorite food?
(a) Berries.
(b) Wild black persimmons.
(c) Acorns.
(d) A baby fawn.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do the hogs do if a blizzard is on the way?

2. What does Travis do to the hydrophobia stricken animal?

3. What does Old Yeller do while Mama stitches his wound?

4. What lives in one of Travis' favorite places, down in a deep canyon which is bent in the shape of a horseshoe?

5. Where does Travis' family keep their hogs and cattle?

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