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Fred Gipson
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What fills Travis with terror when he goes back to find Old Yeller?
(a) Old Yeller is unconscious.
(b) Old Yeller's leg is broken.
(c) Old Yeller's belly is split open and his insides are bulging out.
(d) Old Yeller's ear is bitten off.

2. What prevents the animal sick with hydrophobia from getting Mama?
(a) It goes after Old Yeller instead.
(b) It falls in a hole.
(c) It runs into a tree.
(d) It falls to its knees.

3. How do the pigs react when Old Yeller and Travis find them?
(a) They roar and pop their teeth.
(b) They back up into a corner.
(c) They charge at them.
(d) They turn and try to run away.

4. How does Travis know that he is near the hogs?
(a) He sees a cougar watching from a high cliff.
(b) He hears Old Yeller baying.
(c) He hears the hogs squealing.
(d) He sees and eagle circling.

5. Why does Travis hate gathering corn?
(a) It is a child's job.
(b) It is hot work and the corn shucks sting and makes the skin itch.
(c) It is boring work.
(d) It is woman's work.

6. How do Travis and Old Yeller feel for a couple of weeks after the hog attack?
(a) They both have a rough time of it.
(b) Old Yeller recovers quickly but Travis has a rough time.
(c) They both recover quickly.
(d) Travis is feeling fine but Old Yeller has a rough time.

7. What is the hog's favorite food?
(a) A baby fawn.
(b) Acorns.
(c) Wild black persimmons.
(d) Berries.

8. When does Travis become uneasy about why Mama and Lisbeth haven't returned home?
(a) At suppertime.
(b) When darkness came.
(c) At daybreak.
(d) At midnight.

9. What is the trouble that Travis thinks is too big for any of them to handle?
(a) The Spot heifer comes home acting crazy and ignores her calf.
(b) The Spot heifer is injured.
(c) There is a bear in the corn.
(d) The chickens have gone wild.

10. Why does Mama decide that the Spot heifer must be killed?
(a) It has hydrophobia.
(b) It will provide them with enough meat for the winter.
(c) It is no good for milking.
(d) Old Yeller needs the meat to get well.

11. How many hogs are near the bat cave?
(a) Four pigs, one sow, and a couple of bar' hogs.
(b) Three pigs, two sows, and four bar' hogs.
(c) Five pigs, three sows, and a couple of bar' hogs.
(d) Five pigs, two sows, and one bar' hog.

12. What does Mama say when Travis gets home and tells her about Old Yeller?
(a) She tells Travis that Old Yeller is probably dead already.
(b) She tells Travis that they will have to wait until the next day to go back to Old Yeller.
(c) She tells Travis that they will leave right away to go back to Old Yeller.
(d) She tells Travis they can't go to Old Yeller until Travis' wound is cleaned up.

13. What does Travis decide is a good place to shoot Spot?
(a) Near the river.
(b) A mud pool.
(c) A dry, sandy wash.
(d) The bottom of a gorge.

14. What does Old Yeller do when Travis reaches for him?
(a) Old Yeller licks his hand.
(b) Old Yeller lunges at him with bared fangs.
(c) Old Yeller whimpers in pain.
(d) Old Yeller loses consciousness.

15. Why does Travis keep a piece of ear from every marked pig hanging in the corn crib?
(a) He keeps the ears to make a necklace.
(b) He keeps the ears to show Papa when he comes home.
(c) He keeps the ears as trophies.
(d) He keeps the ears so he can get an accurate count of how many pigs there are.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Lisbeth tell Travis about the puppy she gave him?

2. What lures wolves to the cabin?

3. What game were Little Arliss and the puppy playing?

4. What does the puppy look like that Lisbeth shows to Travis?

5. What does Old Yeller do while Mama stitches his wound?

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