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Fred Gipson
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 13.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Mama wrap Little Arliss' hands in when he is finned by a fish?
(a) A bandage of bear fat.
(b) A poultice of prickly pear root.
(c) A cloth with iodine.
(d) A poultice of wet mud.

2. What is Little Arliss' reaction when they get back to the cabin?
(a) He is angry at the bear.
(b) He is angry that Travis pulled the cub away.
(c) He passes out from fear.
(d) He is shaking all over and clinging to Mama.

3. How does the bull fight finally end?
(a) The old bull is killed.
(b) One of the bulls falls in the cart and it rolls down the hill.
(c) Travis shoots at them.
(d) The bulls give up and stagger away with their wounds.

4. What does Mama tell Little Arliss to do as she is about to remove Old Yeller's bandage?
(a) She tells Arliss to go play at the river.
(b) She tells Arliss to wait over by Jumper.
(c) She tells Arliss to go catch her a green-striped lizard.
(d) She tells Arliss to catch her a big frog for dinner.

5. What is Travis' reaction to Lisbeth helping Mama with the corn?
(a) It hurts his pride.
(b) He wishes she would leave.
(c) He's glad to be out of it.
(d) He wants to tell her that she is useless.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Little Arliss do to Sanderson?

2. How does Travis hide Old Yeller while he runs home to get help?

3. What happens to Travis when he falls into the killer hogs?

4. What prevents the animal sick with hydrophobia from getting Mama?

5. Why can't Travis sleep on the night that Sanderson tells him about hydrophobia?

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