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Fred Gipson
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 13.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Travis hide Old Yeller while he runs home to get help?
(a) Travis pushes him into a cave.
(b) Travis covers him with branches.
(c) Travis pushes him under an overhanging rock and covers the opening with a mesquite stump.
(d) Travis digs a hole and places Old Yeller in it.

2. What do the Mexicans call a bull with a horn that hangs down past his jaw?
(a) A scoop horn.
(b) A droop horn.
(c) A loop horn.
(d) A moon horn.

3. How does Mama clean Travis' wound?
(a) She washes it with hot water and then poured salt in it.
(b) She washes it with hot water and then poured turpentine on it.
(c) She washes it with hot water and then poured iodine on it.
(d) She washes it with hot water and then poured hot candle wax on it.

4. What will the hogs do if they catch up to someone?
(a) They will kill their pursuer.
(b) They will turn and walk away.
(c) They will shake their tusks but then run off.
(d) They will back away slowly.

5. What is Old Yeller's reaction to the bear attack once they are all back in the cabin?
(a) He is crying with pain.
(b) He is licking Little Arliss.
(c) He acts like the bear attack was great fun.
(d) He is trembling in the corner.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why doesn't Searcy go into the house when Mama invites him?

2. How does Little Arliss take Travis by surprise?

3. How does Old Yeller react to the animal that comes into the yard?

4. What lives in one of Travis' favorite places, down in a deep canyon which is bent in the shape of a horseshoe?

5. What does Travis ask his father for before he leaves?

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