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Fred Gipson
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 13.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Old Yeller do when he hears the bulls start to fight?
(a) He cowers in the corner of the cabin.
(b) He hides behind Arliss.
(c) He runs away into the hills.
(d) He charges at them, trying to chase them away.

2. What news does Lisbeth tell Travis about her dog, Miss Prissy?
(a) Miss Prissy is a purebread fox hound.
(b) Miss Prissy is sick and dying.
(c) Miss Prissy is going to have Old Yeller's puppies.
(d) Miss Prissy won first prize in at the fair.

3. Why does Travis think the new, spotted heifer calf will make a good milking cow?
(a) It is a fat and feminine calf.
(b) It has the calmness of a milk cow.
(c) It is a pretty, fat heifer.
(d) It is raw boned and ugly enough to be a good milk cow.

4. What does Travis think about Searcy's granddaughter, Lisbeth?
(a) Travis thinks she is bossy.
(b) Travis thinks she is strange.
(c) Travis likes her because she is different than most girls.
(d) Travis thinks she is annoying.

5. What does Sanderson tell Travis about the plague of hydrophobia?
(a) Sanderson tells Travis that he shot two coons that had it.
(b) Sanderson tells Travis that he shot two fox that had it.
(c) Sanderson tells Travis that he shot two wolves, a fox, and one skunk that had it.
(d) Sanderson tells Travis that he shot two dogs that had it.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Little Arliss do to Sanderson?

2. What is the solution Travis comes up with that finally keeps Old Yeller at home during the night?

3. What does Arliss do when Travis yells at him?

4. What is Mama's reaction to Sanderson's first suggestion?

5. How does Travis react to the pending bull fight?

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