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Fred Gipson
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What are the best times to go to the Salt Licks to hunt?
(a) Early morning and late evening.
(b) Mid-afternoon and late evening.
(c) Early morning and mid-afternoon.
(d) Mid-afternoon and sunset.

2. Why can't Travis take Jumper close to the Salt Licks where he goes to hunt deer?
(a) Jumper will be attacked by a bear.
(b) Jumper is too old to go that far.
(c) Jumper is afraid of gunfire and he will scare away the game.
(d) It is too much of a rocky climb.

3. What type of dogs do most of the settlers own?
(a) Pure bred Blood Hounds.
(b) Small, quick terriers.
(c) Big, fierce cur dogs.
(d) Pure bred Coon Hounds.

4. What does Mama prepare for supper after Old Yeller arrives?
(a) Beef stew.
(b) Hotcakes and honey.
(c) Buttermilk biscuits.
(d) Corn meal mush.

5. What does Travis discover when he opens the dog run door where the meat is stored?
(a) The meat is gone.
(b) A wolf is eating the meat.
(c) The meat is rotten.
(d) Little Arliss is hanging from the meat.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Little Arliss want to keep Old Yeller?

2. How does Travis' family come to get Old Yeller?

3. Why do the hogs, cattle, and wild animals come to the Salt Licks?

4. What is Travis' reaction to Old Yeller when the dog approaches him?

5. What is the first thing Travis does when he reaches the Salt Licks?

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