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Fred Gipson
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 7.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Mama prepare for supper after Old Yeller arrives?
(a) Hotcakes and honey.
(b) Buttermilk biscuits.
(c) Beef stew.
(d) Corn meal mush.

2. Where do Mama, Little Arliss, and Travis sit to see the bull fight?
(a) On the split-rail fence.
(b) On the cabin steps.
(c) At the cabin window.
(d) On the grassy knoll.

3. Why does Travis think the new, spotted heifer calf will make a good milking cow?
(a) It is a pretty, fat heifer.
(b) It is raw boned and ugly enough to be a good milk cow.
(c) It is a fat and feminine calf.
(d) It has the calmness of a milk cow.

4. What are the best times to go to the Salt Licks to hunt?
(a) Mid-afternoon and late evening.
(b) Mid-afternoon and sunset.
(c) Early morning and late evening.
(d) Early morning and mid-afternoon.

5. What is Old Yeller's reaction to the bear attack once they are all back in the cabin?
(a) He is crying with pain.
(b) He is trembling in the corner.
(c) He acts like the bear attack was great fun.
(d) He is licking Little Arliss.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why had Papa cleared out all the brush and trees from around the cabin?

2. What does Mama make with lye water and hog fat?

3. What does Travis think about Searcy's granddaughter, Lisbeth?

4. What warns the doe that Travis is nearby?

5. Why is Travis annoyed with Mama and Little Arliss?

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