Old Yeller Fun Activities

Fred Gipson
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Illustrated Cover

Make an illustrated cover for Old Yeller from a favorite scene.

Dog Training Video

Watch a dog training video and compare it to the training Travis uses on Old Yeller in the beginning of the novel.


Make a diorama of Travis hanging over the wild hogs to mark them.

Watch Cujo and Old Yeller

Watch the two movies of Cujo and Old Yeller and compare the hydrophobia symptoms.

Veterinarian Exam

Pretend to be a veterinarian call to examine Old Yeller after Mama tends to him. Write a medical report about what you observe.

Make an Illustration

Choose a favorite scene from the novel and make an illustration.

Word Search Puzzle

Make a word search puzzle with all the words that describe Old Yeller in the novel.

Newspaper Article

Write a newspaper article about hydrophobia coming to the settlement. Include eye witness accounts.

Historical Account


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