Old Yeller Character Descriptions

Fred Gipson
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This boy is fourteen years old and the main character of the story. The novel is told from his point of view.

Old Yeller

This is a big yellow dog with slick hair, a chewed off ear, and a stub tail.

Little Arliss

This character is five-years-old. He is pesky and mischievous. He helps provide comic relief for the story by his antics of catching bugs and lizards and by playing in the drinking water naked.


This character stays home with the boys when Papa goes on the cattle drive. She is practical and competent in the wilderness.


This character leaves at the beginning of the novel on a cattle drive to Abilene and returns at the end of the novel.


This character is eleven, has white blond hair, and big solemn eyes.

Bud Searcy

This settler at Salt Licks does not go on...

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