Old Yeller Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Fred Gipson
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Chapter 1

• The narrator states that he had to kill Old Yeller.

• The setting is Birdsong Creek in Texas after the Civil War.

• The narrator's father is going on a cattle drive to Abilene.

• Little Arliss is the narrator's five year old brother.
• The narrator, Travis, is fourteen years old.

• Travis is left to be the man of the house while Papa is away.

• Mama tells Little Arliss to listen to what Travis says.

Chapter 2

• The yeller dog appears the day after Papa leaves.

• Travis sees that the dog stole the meat from the dog run.

• The thieving dog has a chewed off ear, a stub tail, and is big and ugly.

• Travis kicks and yells at the dog
• Little Arliss hits Travis with a stick for kicking the dog.

• Mama says that Arliss can keep the dog.

• Travis is angry about the dog and decides to get rid...

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