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Short Answer Questions

1. When the Abbess drags Sierva away from the slave quarters in chapter three, how does Sierva react?

2. Although he is assigned as Sierva's exorcist, what is Cayetano's true desire for his career?

3. What does the Vicereine do in retaliation of the Governor's entertainment at the Viceroy's dinner?

4. How do Cayetano and Dr. Abrenuncio communicate?

5. How was food brought to the convent during the fighting between the Bishop and the Santa Clara convent in the earlier centuries?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Bernarda run away from the mansion in Chapter 4?

2. Describe the centuries-old conflict between the convent and the Bishop.

3. What happens around Sierva that the nuns take as signs that she is the center of evil?

4. What leads to Cayetano promising Sierva to free her in Chapter 4?

5. What does the Abbess complain about to the Bishop in Chapter 4?

6. How is the Viceroy introduced to Sierva and why?

7. How does Sierva react when she is first introduced to the Abbess?

8. What memory is brought back for Cayetano while writing love poems in Chapter 4?

9. What is significant about the book Cayetano speaks of to Dr. Abrenuncio?

10. Why does the Vicereine take an interest in Sierva's fate?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Citing specific examples from the text and including a strong thesis statement, discuss the physical intimacy of Cayetano's relationship to Sierva, including the following:

- His fascination with her before their first meeting.

- Sierva's relationship to the Virgin Mary.

- Cayetano's self-flagellation.

- Cayetano's insistence that the girl remain a virgin until their marriage.

Essay Topic 2

Citing specific examples from the text, write an essay discussing one of the following:

- Compare and contrast Martina and Cayetano's fall from grace.

- The role of the Viceroy and Vicereine regarding Sierva's fate.

- Dr. Abrenuncio and his horse.

Essay Topic 3

Citing specific examples from the text, write an essay examining Martina, including the following:

- Her personality and characteristics.

- The symbolism of a murderer displaying a Christian attitude. Part

- Why a sympathetic character such as Martina would have murdered nuns.

- The author's intent with the character of Martina.

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