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Short Answer Questions

1. What forbidden activity is used to celebrate the arrival of the Viceroy?

2. What does Cayetano wear before he goes to see Sierva in Chapter 4?

3. According to the Bishop's document, what is some information that points to Sierva's assured possession?

4. How does the Abbess feel about the South American aristocrats?

5. At the end of the chapter three, what is Cayetano reading in regards to Sierva?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Chapter 4 end with Cayetano whipping himself?

2. Describe the convent.

3. How does Cayetano gain Sierva's trust?

4. How is the Viceroy introduced to Sierva and why?

5. Describe the centuries-old conflict between the convent and the Bishop.

6. What leads to Cayetano promising Sierva to free her in Chapter 4?

7. What memory is brought back for Cayetano while writing love poems in Chapter 4?

8. What happens around Sierva that the nuns take as signs that she is the center of evil?

9. What does the Abbess complain about to the Bishop in Chapter 4?

10. How does Martina help Sierva?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Citing specific examples from the text, write an essay discussing one of the following:

- The purpose in naming a character Judas Iscariote.

- The lepers as a symbol of the decay of the church.

- Father Aquino's mysterious death.

Essay Topic 2

Citing specific examples from the text and including a strong thesis statement, discuss the physical intimacy of Cayetano's relationship to Sierva, including the following:

- His fascination with her before their first meeting.

- Sierva's relationship to the Virgin Mary.

- Cayetano's self-flagellation.

- Cayetano's insistence that the girl remain a virgin until their marriage.

Essay Topic 3

This novel is something of a Biblical allegory. Citing specific examples from the text, discuss how this novel mirrors the Bible, including (but not limited to) a Christ- like figure, sacrifice for the benefit of others, and persecution. Cite specific examples from the text to support your statements.

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