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Short Answer Questions

1. What is the station of the person raising Sierva?

2. What African name does Sierva take on for herself?

3. What does the Bishop tell the Marquis about his daughter?

4. How much is the beautiful slave bought for?

5. What does Ygnacio's father forbid?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does the Marquis give his daughter to the Holy Office?

2. How is rabies treated by the citizens of New Grenada from the first chapter?

3. What is the connection between the skull found in the crypts of the convent and the author's memories of a legend?

4. What is special about the tall slave girl brought into New Grenada from the ship?

5. Why does Olivia escape from the madhouse and what is the result?

6. What does Dr. Abrenuncio believe about Sierva and her brush with rabies and what treatment does he recommend?

7. Describe Bernarda and Ygnacio's relationship with Sierva.

8. Why does Ygnacio's father object to his son marrying Dulce Olivia?

9. Why does Sierva prefer to live in the slave quarters instead of the mansion?

10. Describe Bernarda's relationship with Judas.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Citing specific examples from the text and including a strong thesis statement, discuss the physical intimacy of Cayetano's relationship to Sierva, including the following:

- His fascination with her before their first meeting.

- Sierva's relationship to the Virgin Mary.

- Cayetano's self-flagellation.

- Cayetano's insistence that the girl remain a virgin until their marriage.

Essay Topic 2

Consider the paradox of Sierva being subjected to a torturous exorcism so that other characters may rid themselves of their own demons. Citing specific examples from the text, write an essay discussing one of the following:

- What is her family's role in her behavior and her subsequent imprisonment?

- The Bishop's perceived failure to keep everyone faithful to the church.

- The Abbess's extreme distaste for the citizens of New Grenada.

Essay Topic 3

Citing specific examples from the text, discuss the author's use of magic realism in this novel. In what ways does the author make this story true to life? In what ways is this story fantastical? (Please note that the term "fantastical" encompasses more than just the miracle of Sierva's hair growing after death and is meant as something that likely could not happen in real life).

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