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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In what state is Cayetano over Sierva during the Viceroy's visit?
(a) He is obsessed with her.
(b) He is exhausted from trying to help her.
(c) He feels disgusted by her.
(d) He despairs of her heresy.

2. How does Cayetano react to the Abbess's attempted hysteria when he first meets Sierva?
(a) He calms the nun down and makes her tea.
(b) He tells the nun to calm down and leave.
(c) He encourages the nun.
(d) He sympathizes with the Abbess and turns all of his attention to her.

3. How the Viceroy and his wife changed Sierva's cell?
(a) They added more restraints to hold her down.
(b) They have arranged for her to have a single cell.
(c) They added flowers.
(d) They made it look nicer and more comfortable.

4. What kind of jewelry is Sierva wearing when she arrives at the convent?
(a) Santeria.
(b) Algerian.
(c) Nigerian.
(d) Abynissian.

5. What does Sierva predict during her first encounter with Cayetano?
(a) She will be released soon.
(b) She will die soon.
(c) The Bishop will take her away.
(d) She will never be free again.

Short Answer Questions

1. What realization does Bernarda make in chapter four?

2. In chapter three, to whom does the Marquis turn when he realizes he wants to get Sierva out of the convent?

3. In Cayetano's dream, what is Sierva eating?

4. What is the Abbess's name?

5. How does Sierva defend her jewelry from the nuns?

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