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The Marquis's House, the Mansion

This place is the home of Sierva's family.

The city, the port, Cartagena

This place is located by the Atlantic.

The slave quarters of the Marquis's mansion

This place is where Sierva spends most of her childhood.

The Bishop's Palace

This place is decrepit with only a few livable rooms.

The Convent of Santa Clara

This is where Sierva is imprisoned for her exorcism.

The Abyssinian Female

This character is displayed in the nude as part of the Governor's entertainment.

The Galleon Fleet

This is a group of traders.

Fermented Honey

This is an addictive alcoholic beverage.

Cacao tablets

This is an addictive drug derived from a native plant of South America.

Divina Pastora Asylum for Female Lunatics

This is the home of Dulce Olivia.

The Hair of Sierva

This is found still growing on a 200-year-old skeleton.

Amor de Dios Hospital


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