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Chapter 1

• The skull of a 12-year-old girl with coppery hair growing from it is found in the crypts of Santa Clara convent.

• The author recounts a legend of a 12-year-old girl who died from rabies.
• The story moves 200 years in the past where a dog with rabies bites Sierva.
• Sierva's neglectful parents are introduced and it is revealed that slaves raised Sierva.

• Don Ygnacio meets Dr. Abrenuncio.
• Bernarda's past is revealed, detailing her affair with Judas, drug addiction, and physical downfall.
• The Marquis feels guilty about neglecting his daughter and tries unsuccessfully to repair their relationship.
• Dr. Abrenuncio examines Sierva and announces she probably will not contract rabies.

• The doctor advises the Marquis to simply be kind and pay attention to his daughter.

Chapter 2

• The Marquis's past as a dull youth in love with the madwoman Dulce Olivia next door is revealed.

• His father forbids the marriage and...

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