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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Oedipus ask of the citizens of Thebes?
(a) He orders them to gather together and stay in their houses.
(b) He orders them to hold a great celebration in the town.
(c) He orders them to go to the shrines and give offerings to the gods.
(d) He orders them to reveal the murderer, if they know who he is.

2. What does Teiresias say about his own wisdom, after Oedipus questions him about Laius' murderer?
(a) It is misunderstood, even by himself.
(b) It is fleeting and unreliable.
(c) It brings no benefits.
(d) It is a blessing and a curse.

3. Before Teiresias leaves, what does he say about the murderer's nationality?
(a) that he is a Corinthian
(b) that he comes from no nation
(c) that he is an Athenian
(d) that he will turn out to be a native Theban

4. Does Oedipus say he's ever met Laius?
(a) He says no, but he realizes he's met Laius many times.
(b) Yes, he says he's med Laius many times.
(c) Yes, he says he met Laius once.
(d) No, Oedipus believes he's never met Laius.

5. What does Oedipus wish for himself, if he unknowingly hosted the murderer at his home?
(a) all the bad things he wished upon the murderer
(b) to be ripped from his land and family
(c) a life of solitude and sobriety
(d) eternal damnation

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Oedipus react to Teiresias' unwillingness to speak?

2. What does Teiresias answer when Oedipus asks the identity of his father?

3. What is Creon wearing on his head as he approaches the town?

4. What does Oedipus accuse Creon of?

5. What does the priest say that Oedipus will be king of, if he doesn't solve the town's problems?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Oedipus accuse Teiresias of, that finally forces the prophet's tongue?

2. What does Oedipus promise to do when Creon returns?

3. How does Teiresias feel about having come to see Oedipus at the king's request?

4. Describe what the people of Thebes have with them at the beginning of the play.

5. What does the priest appeal to in asking Oedipus to save the city?

6. Why doesn't Creon immediately tell Oedipus his news?

7. Why doesn't Oedipus listen to Teiresias?

8. Describe Oedipus's attitude toward Creon when Creon returns.

9. What rumor does the chorus leader remind Oedipus of?

10. Describe the message that Creon brings from the oracle.

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