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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Creon say about Laius' companions when he was killed?
(a) They were all killed but one, who ran away.
(b) They all ran away.
(c) The king was alone.
(d) They were all killed.

2. What does Oedipus say the killers had to have?
(a) financial help from Thebes
(b) a promise of reward from Corinth
(c) a dictate from a god
(d) a dictate from a prophet

3. What course of action does the chorus leader suggest Oedipus should take?
(a) look inside his own palace
(b) send another emissary to Delphi
(c) consult the prophet Teiresias
(d) search every house in the city

4. Who speaks for the people of Thebes as their leader?
(a) the oracle
(b) the priest of Zeus
(c) the parliamentary leader
(d) the prophet of Hera

5. What does the chorus leader rebuke both Oedipus and Teiresias for?
(a) not talking with Creon
(b) not talking with Jocasta
(c) not listening to each other and talking at cross purposes
(d) being angry and quarrelling instead of finding the murderer

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the chorus leader think of Oedipus' curses on the murderer?

2. What does Creon say about the god's call to avenge Laius' death now?

3. Before he leaves, what does Oedipus say will happen?

4. What is Oedipus' initial attitude toward the crowd that has gathered?

5. Why does Oedipus say his sorrow is greater than the townspeople?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Oedipus wish on the murderer?

2. How does Oedipus respond to the townspeople's pleas for help?

3. What is Teiresias referring to when he says Oedipus and his children will be "equals"?

4. How does Teiresias feel about having come to see Oedipus at the king's request?

5. Describe how the townspeople view Oedipus.

6. What is the attitude of the townspeople when they speak to Oedipus?

7. Describe what the people of Thebes have with them at the beginning of the play.

8. Explain the irony of Teiresias' blindness.

9. What troubles have affected the people of Thebes?

10. How does Oedipus' attitude toward Teiresias change during their first discussion?

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